The Evolution Of Social Media Sites

Social Media Content Creation

How It All Began

Teenagers discovered a new means of expression via the Internet as it began to pervade every home. My Space was one way that kids found to share mutual interests with other like-minded teenagers. Parents actually felt safer allowing their teenagers play on their computers at home instead of partying outside because this way of expression had no immediate checks or limits imposed by adults.

MySpace was proven to be a very rapid and viable way for teenagers and adults to communicate with one another. They could use Myspace — and now Facebook or Second Life — to communicate with one another, share files, and coach one another toward achieving their goals.
The demand for youngsters to have their own place away from the prying eyes of their parents and other “responsible” adults fueled the popularity of social networking websites. As a result, a very healthy and successful form of communication spread like wildfire over the world, attracting hundreds, if not millions, of members every day.
Even though millions of kids spent hours on MySpace until a few years ago, many adults were unaware of its existence. Unfortunately, as social media websites got more popular and pervasive, predators began to use them as a tool to target victims, and the concept of social media websites became more widely known, for both positive and bad reasons.
As social media networks grew in popularity, their potential as money-making platforms became more apparent. Adults and teenagers are increasingly using social media sites such as Digg, Second Life, Reddit, and Facebook, although MySpace remains popular.

How the Social Media Websites Work

You begin by creating your own place on a public page. This is your “lounge,” where you can socialize with your online buddies. You add a number of bookmarks for websites that interest you, as well as your remarks and additional links (if any). You can also include personal images, a blog, and current events in your life. Your friends can look at your favorite sites or images and leave comments when they visit your page.

As a result, you build a social network that is both enjoyable and keeps you informed about your topic of interest. Through social networking networks, you can quickly build a network of online friends and referral sources. Social media websites are acknowledged as a powerful instrument for viral marketing, and they have truly become a marketing engine for many individuals and organizations. They are more than simply fun for teens. Many people nowadays utilize social networking platforms to drive traffic to their own websites, promote their products, and grow their consumer base.

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