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Social Media Specialist (Dubai)

We are passionate about improving the digital footprint and overall financial success of small and medium-sized enterprises locally and nationally at Eddie Tech Solutions. ETS prides itself on creating tailor-made programs that match customer demands with an array of techniques, tools, and processes that have proven successful for even the most niche clientele as a locally-owned, multi-faceted digital marketing agency. ETS distinguishes itself from other marketing organizations by providing the most comprehensive approach to any company’s contemporary marketing demands, including traditional digital marketing, web construction, analytics, graphic design, social media, and the implementation of effective ad campaigns.

Eddie Tech Solutions is looking for a Social Media Specialist to join their team right now. This individual should preferably possess a strong creative imagination as well as exceptional communication abilities. This individual will collaborate directly with clients and coworkers to help bring creative ideas to reality. We provide a relaxed and enjoyable work atmosphere.
This position’s Social Media Specialist must be able to work with a wide range of people and adapt to a variety of scenarios.



  • Bachelor’s degree is required. 1+ years of expertise in social media and digital advertising, with knowledge of Facebook Ads Manager, Power Editor, and Business Manager, as well as Twitter Paid Advertising.
  • Paid Advertising on LinkedIn: What Have You Learned?
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