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About 3.03 billion people are on social media around the globe. (BrizFeel)

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Social Media Content Creation

Throughout the decade of 2010, social media swept the globe. Almost everyone now has at least one, if not multiple, social media accounts. The same may be said for companies. Many industries have devised novel and inventive approaches to attracting new clients and retaining existing ones.
With regular posting options on any platform, our social media content development services help businesses stay relevant. It’s one thing to establish a company Facebook page or Twitter account, but the real value comes from creating a long-term strategy for how to maintain and build those accounts in order to capture social media users’ attention.
It may appear daunting at first to have to rethink and remodel your social media presence, but it can be enjoyable! With so many photo, video, and writing alternatives available, this should be a moment when creativity flourishes.
It has been demonstrated time and time again that a company with continuous and relevant content on its social media platforms will see an increase in viewership, improved brand awareness, and a closer relationship with its followers. Eddie Tech Solutions can be the firm that gives you the support and direction you need to develop a solid and well-crafted social media content plan.

Social Media Content Strategy

The first step in establishing your social media presence is to create social media accounts, but the real work begins when you develop a content strategy. A social media content plan outlines what you’ll post and how frequently you’ll post. Relevant and consistent material are the two most important aspects of a content strategy. You can’t have a successful social media presence without either of them, and ignoring one of them won’t help.

Relevant content guarantees that what you post gives your fans a greater understanding of who you are as a business. It might be an upcoming event, a new product, or information on how your products are sourced. Customers may stay informed and up to date on your business by doing these things.

Consistent content keeps your company front of mind among your fans. It might be tough to strike the correct balance between too much and too little substance. If you post too frequently, it will be perceived as spam, and if you post too infrequently, your message will be lost in a sea of other voices. A minimum beginning goal for your social media marketing strategy should be to post many times per week.

Social Media Packages

Eddie Tech Solutions has social media packages available for almost every social media platform. Our social media services range from basic to enterprise social media packages and may be utilized by businesses of all sizes. We provide custom content production and social media management services to meet your company’s objectives.

Social media packages today

Did you know that Facebook is used by 68 percent of those who have a social media account? Did you know that there are 2.27 billion monthly active users and approximately 1.5 billion daily active users? Take, for example, the fact that 35% of people have an Instagram account. Every single day, 500 million people use that account! 1 billion people check their account at least once a month.

There are around 590 million people registered on LinkedIn, and this group isn’t only looking for work. They’re also on the lookout for connections and services that will aid them in their future endeavors. When it comes to followers, each of these platforms has a lot going on.

If all of those figures and millions and billions of people aren’t enough to convince you to join these platforms, then nothing will. The big three, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, are the bare minimum of accounts you should set up for your business, and if you don’t have them yet, you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities. However, you may not always have the time or skill to browse through and post on these networks.

What to Post on Social Media?

However, when it comes to sharing on social media, things can get a bit tricky. People are unsure about what they should publish on social media or what their followers are interested in. We’ll take a look at some of the most popular things you can post, as well as how many people are following you only for these reasons.

Customer Comments – People want to see other people’s feedback, and they want to know that you’ve dealt with them previously. Sharing consumer feedback on your page is one of the reasons that as many as 16% of people follow a retail brand (for example), and you can expect that a substantial percentage of those individuals are also looking at what others are saying to provide them buying tips.
People, especially those on LinkedIn, want to learn something from you, therefore provide high-quality information. They want the content you provide to educate them something new or provide them with information they may use in the future (not just for purchasing a product).
One method to improve your performance on this platform is to provide material that genuinely educates people, albeit Facebook and Instagram aren’t as interested in learning new things. It’s still a good idea to focus on instructional and professional information here. Shared content from your website, such as a blog article, is an example of this.
New Product Information – If someone already loves you and buys from you, they’ll be interested in learning more about the new things you have available. So they want you to promote that new product or service on social media.
Also, don’t just post it once when it’s out. To pique people’s interest, make a post leading up to the release. Up to 60% of consumers who follow a retailer say it’s to keep up with the latest offerings.
Fantastic Photographs – Great images will pique people’s interest in you, and individuals who have never heard of you will be more likely to see you if you have great images. Instagram, for example, displays profiles that are connected to hashtags that you use, like, or follow in everyone’s feed.
As a result, you could appear on someone’s feed without them knowing who you are. You want to make the most of that chance, and the only way they’ll see you or understand the caption you left is if the image in front of them is stunning.
Everyone wants to know how they can save money, and one of the best places to discover about bargains is on your social media platforms. Distribute coupons and discounts on your social media sites, and be sure to mention any regular promotions that are taking place. For this reason, as many as 62 percent of people follow retail brands.
Other Material – You can publish a variety of information on social media, and people enjoy seeing funny tales, information, and anything else that is relevant to your issue. In fact, 23% of individuals claim to follow merchants because they post entertaining or humorous material. So don’t feel obligated to act solemn all of the time. People enjoy laughing and having a good time, and they appreciate you assisting them with entertaining content marketing.

What the Social Media Platforms Stand For

So, if you’re considering posting on these platforms and you’ve learned more about the types of content you should post on each, how do you determine what to post where? You may use social media management and content creation to demonstrate your expertise and generate trust in your business.
You want to make sure that you stand out on each of the social media platforms that you use, so you need to understand how to use them and what you should do to get the proper people to pay attention to you.
When it comes to creating social media material, things will be different on Facebook than they will be on LinkedIn, and they will be different on both of those platforms than they will be on Instagram. So, according to recent surveys, let’s see what each of these is most recognized for.
  1. Facebook – Millennials and Gen Xers use Facebook as their primary social media platform. This means that the demographic between the ages of 22 and 53 uses this platform more than any other, with rates approaching 90%. However, with high usage rates of 70%, Baby Boomers and Gen Z are not far behind. But what exactly is Facebook famous for? It’s a way for businesses to engage with customers by combining text and graphics. It enables for the generation of long-form material with a very high word limit. It also allows you to upload photographs, albums, and products for sale, among other things. Furthermore, you can include basic information about your company to make it easier for people to contact you.
  2. Instagram – This platform is predominantly used by Gen Z, with about 77 percent of them utilizing it. The older the age group, the less popular it becomes, with Millennials utilizing it at a rate of around 62 percent, Gen X at 35 percent, and Baby Boomers at barely 19 percent. Because the image you post is the first thing anyone sees while scrolling through their feed on this platform, the focus is on images that will capture the attention. You can submit up to ten photographs at a time and add text, but don’t forget to include hashtags to help people locate you and the stuff you’re sharing.
  3. LinkedIn –  The majority of users here are between the ages of Millennial and Gen X, and beyond. Approximately 61 percent of those who use this site are between the ages of 30 and 64, with over a quarter of those between the ages of 18 and 29. Here, you should concentrate on building a solid page for yourself and your organization, as well as providing high-quality information and articles that will portray you as an authority in your sector. As a result of your actions, you will gain relationships with others who will regard you as someone worth paying attention to. That’s because, despite what you may have heard about LinkedIn, it actually facilitates a lot of information sharing.
We can make certain that all of your platforms receive the attention they require. We accomplish this by collaborating with you to identify your social media objectives. We also look at your budget, and then we start to work optimizing all of your social media pages to make sure you’re getting the most out of them.
In each of these profiles, we look at how to optimize you for the industry you’re in and how to reach the right demographic. Not only that, but we also write the social media posts you need to engage your audience and pique their interest in what you have to offer.
Creating high-quality, interesting content will encourage others to interact with you, and when they do, you’ll be more likely to appear in more feeds. Not only that, but you’ll see an increase in the number of individuals who know who you are and visit your website directly from your social media pages. They could then select whether or not to make a purchase.
You want to make finding you, going to your page, going to your website, and then making a transaction as quick and easy as feasible. Along the process, you don’t want anyone to get trapped or bored. We can make certain that all of this occurs for you.
Our posts are intended to draw attention to your services or the tales you wish to convey. They concentrate on presenting consumers with the information they seek, as well as gorgeous photographs and videos that will highlight you, your goods, and even your clients.
All of these factors may be significantly more important in Instagram feeds. However, it’s critical to establish yourself as an expert on LinkedIn, and for these types of posts, we make sure we accomplish just that. We highlight your expertise through the postings we supply and the articles linked from your profile.
Furthermore, we will inform you of the outcomes of everything we do so that you are not left in the dark. That means you’ll get detailed reports on each of your social media posts, allowing you to assess their effectiveness.
You’ll be able to see what kind of work we’re putting into the process, as well as track the traffic that’s coming in as a consequence of each of those postings in real time. That will undoubtedly help you understand what to expect and the kind of service you can expect from us each time you entrust us with your accounts.

Why don’t we take a closer look at a handful of frequently asked questions about social media while we’re at it? We’ll look at what individuals want to know when they’re attempting to get their business’s social media content generation off the ground, as well as what you should know whether you want to work with us or go it alone.

Should I be on every platform?

You’re undoubtedly familiar with the platforms that are available because you have personal accounts on the majority, if not all, of them. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, SnapChat, and LinkedIn are the most popular right now.
So, do you need to be on all of those sites? That is debatable. If you think you can manage each of these accounts to their maximum potential and get the most out of them all, go for it.
Unfortunately, they won’t provide you with the same kind of return on your time and money. As a result, we limit our social media tactics to Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. These are the three platforms that will earn you the most results with the least effort. If going for all of them may hurt some of your platforms, it’s preferable to stick to these three and ignore the others.

Should I Post The Same Thing On Each Platform?

This is something you should avoid at all costs. Sure, you can post about the same item on numerous social media channels, but you want to do it in diverse ways. For example, on Facebook, you could write a terrific article that really explains what’s going on, then add a photo or a couple of pictures to entice them to read more.
On Instagram, however, you should prioritize the image (or a few images) as the most important feature, and then add text that complements those images. You’ll need high-quality, professionally produced material on LinkedIn. That is to say, even though your topic is the same for all of them, you must express it in a unique way.

Spending money on advertising has some advantages, especially with the changes that Facebook and Instagram are undergoing. These two platforms are beginning to penalize small businesses by making it more difficult for them to appear in feeds. LinkedIn ads can also help you stand out as a company. As a result, you may choose to invest some money in generating adverts for your target audiences.

Overall, creating social media content will be a critical element of your strategy, and you’ll want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to drive people to your pages, no matter where they are.

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Use social media updates to keep your consumers engaged and drive high-quality traffic to your website.

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