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Professional SEO Services in the UAE - Digital Marketing UAE - Pay Per Click Advertising - Online Marketing Dubai UAE - SEO Company Dubai - Digital Marketing Agency Dubai


We have an inclination to ensure that your entire website and digital selling efforts operate remarkably all of the time, thanks to our intense business and customer-centric approach. We have a strong staff of knowledgeable and experienced individuals who stay on top of all emerging developments in the field of digital selling. We have a tendency to create personalized digital selling Solutions that fit individual objectives because we understand that every firm has its own set of issues and requirements. We have a propensity to help various trends stay ahead of their competitors when we work together.

What’s Included In Our Local SEO Packages In UAE

All of our comprehensive packages offer some of the most important features in order to promote customers. Regardless of which type of bundle you choose, you will benefit from the following features:

Manual Citation Building

Local directory quotations may help to boost your presence online. You will locate your company on sites such as Yelp, Yellow Pages, and other directories, making your future clients easier to find. We can develop quotations, restore damaged quotations and ensure they contain precise information about the company.

Monitoring Ratings and Reviews

Right before buying or hiring a service about 93% of customers examine reviews. There’s no company with a pure reputation, but we can help you establish a good rating and review collection. Our team will keep track of your reputation, carefully respond to bad feedback and always make sure your internet presence is favorable.

Social Media for Local SEO

Social media can also play a role in local SEOs and aid you to climb. If a prospect is seeking the company’s brand name, some Social Media posts like Tweets or Instagram material can appear on the SERP. To guarantee they have consistent information and useful content, we will enhance your social media pages.

Google Maps Optimization

Google registers an office based on third-party data automatically. This can be false, misleading, and perhaps damaging to your reputation. We rely on Google My Business for your company and we guarantee that all information about the map pin is accurate.

Local Content

The most relevant information is being hunted by local customers. They are interested in solutions, prices, products, and services that immediately benefit them. That is why, in our local SEO services, we develop customized content. We will enhance your reputation and demonstrate your skills and aid your target audience.

High-Quality Link Building

Connections are a terrific approach for you to build confidence. Publications of high-level authorities shall only link to the material they consider valuable and instructive. To gain you backlinks of credible local publications, our staff will apply the proven White Hat approaches. The backlinks can assist you access and creating authority into an established target base.


Let’s have a look! We’ll conduct an in-depth Search Engine Optimization (SEO) audit of your website if you click the button below.

Professional SEO Services in the UAE - Digital Marketing UAE - Pay Per Click Advertising - Online Marketing Dubai UAE - SEO Company Dubai - Digital Marketing Agency Dubai


Increase the number of visitors to your website by using organic search listings. With our tried-and-true SEO strategies, you can get your website to the top of search engine result pages.

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Professional SEO Services in the UAE - Digital Marketing UAE - Pay Per Click Advertising - Online Marketing Dubai UAE - SEO Company Dubai - Digital Marketing Agency Dubai


With our completely managed PPC campaigns, we make it easy for businesses to maximize their online performance. Bring you optimal and focused traffic.

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Professional SEO Services in the UAE - Digital Marketing UAE - Pay Per Click Advertising - Online Marketing Dubai UAE - SEO Company Dubai - Digital Marketing Agency Dubai


Create a reputation for your company as an industry leader. We neutralize negative results about your organization and prevent future ones from appearing.

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Professional SEO Services in the UAE - Digital Marketing UAE - Pay Per Click Advertising - Online Marketing Dubai UAE - SEO Company Dubai - Digital Marketing Agency Dubai


Promoting high-quality, contextual links that increase traffic and enhance rankings. We work with you to establish your brand as an authority in your field.

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Professional SEO Services in the UAE - Digital Marketing UAE - Pay Per Click Advertising - Online Marketing Dubai UAE - SEO Company Dubai - Digital Marketing Agency Dubai


With social media marketing, you may interact with your current customers and attract new ones. We improve your audience’s relationship with you.

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Professional SEO Services in the UAE - Digital Marketing UAE - Pay Per Click Advertising - Online Marketing Dubai UAE - SEO Company Dubai - Digital Marketing Agency Dubai


Create and promote creative, high-quality content that is worth sharing. We assist you in connecting with your target audience and improving your search engine rankings.

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Professional SEO Services in the UAE - Digital Marketing UAE - Pay Per Click Advertising - Online Marketing Dubai UAE - SEO Company Dubai - Digital Marketing Agency Dubai
Professional SEO Services in the UAE - Digital Marketing UAE - Pay Per Click Advertising - Online Marketing Dubai UAE - SEO Company Dubai - Digital Marketing Agency Dubai
Professional SEO Services in the UAE - Digital Marketing UAE - Pay Per Click Advertising - Online Marketing Dubai UAE - SEO Company Dubai - Digital Marketing Agency Dubai
Professional SEO Services in the UAE - Digital Marketing UAE - Pay Per Click Advertising - Online Marketing Dubai UAE - SEO Company Dubai - Digital Marketing Agency Dubai
Professional SEO Services in the UAE - Digital Marketing UAE - Pay Per Click Advertising - Online Marketing Dubai UAE - SEO Company Dubai - Digital Marketing Agency Dubai

Why Choose Us

Solutions Eddie Tech is a marketing company that has prospered for more than ten years. Without compromise, we have produced consistent outcomes for more than 200 clients. Here are some reasons why investing in our local SEO price packages should be considered:


We are a well-established, renowned local SEO company. Our professionals have published work on the largest platforms in the business and supported customers from around the world.


We have a rigorous recruitment process and only the best in our staff. All of our local SEO consultants possess several years of experience and are versatile marketers.


All customers want to know what is going on with their local SEO campaign, and are carefully reported. You send weekly or monthly reports to your dedicated account manager so you can maintain track of the campaign performance.


Eddie Tech Solutions offers professional, inexpensive local SEO services. Our packages are for companies and budgets of all sizes to keep you free from worrying about burning a hole for solid marketing solutions in your pocket.


Our customers sometimes have more to offer than our bundles. We offer tailor-made solutions depending on your particular needs and budget. Just talk to our specialists about what you need for the best results in a consultation.


Eddie Tech Solutions assigns a local SEO manager to connect to you via Skype/phone/ chat to quickly handle your requests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I go to Eddie Marketing Solutions for SEO?

You should select Eddie Tech Solutions because we have a unique and inventive marketing strategy that ensures the success of each campaign. Our portfolio vividly depicts our narrative of achievement. Simply share your information with us, and we’ll go over our SEO expertise, which we’ve gained via years of experience and superior analytics skills. You have the option to compare Eddie Tech Solutions to others and then choose us..

How long does it take to get the results?

With the help of our white hat SEO technique, we guarantee that you will see results in under 90 days. We use keywords strategically to get you to the top of the rankings. We’ll get back to you with a particular time frame and pricing estimate as soon as you share your data with us. Being 1 SEO Company in UAE, we’ll begin by assessing your complete website and then devise individualized SEO methods for your business website.

What is your SEO strategy in its entirety?

Every firm is distinct and requires its own SEO strategy. We don’t believe in pre-made SEO plans; instead, we build an original SEO roadmap depending on the needs of the website to achieve the best potential results. Don’t just take our word for it; after you’ve seen the changes in your website’s ranking, you can make your own conclusion.

What makes SEO so important to me?

SEO gives businesses an online presence, and it’s one of the most crucial things to get started with if you want to stay ahead of the competition. Ascertain that someone is in charge of the SEO aspect of your company’s website. Our SEO plan will aid you in achieving visible positive results for your company by increasing organic traffic and 360-degree visibility.

Which keywords will you concentrate on?

One of the most crucial aspects of SEO is choosing and focusing on successful keywords. The perfect keywords will help us increase your website’s traffic and attract the right audience. Here are some pointers to help you choose the best keyword for your website.

  • Examine your market.
  • Describe your objectives.
  • Use keyword research tools to help you.
  • Keep track of your competitors’ activities.
  • Recognize long-tail keywords.
  • Examine the purpose of your search.
How long will it take to achieve the intended outcomes?

The time it takes to achieve the intended outcomes is determined by a variety of factors, including the amount of pages on the website, the quality of the material, the methods used to construct links, the time it takes to design the links, and many more. Although SEO takes time to achieve top rankings, we guarantee continuing optimization to keep the results. With our efficient and effective SEO services, you can anticipate to witness a 10-fold increase in rankings in just three months.

Is it possible to enhance the speed of the SEO process?

Some SEO firms claim to be able to deliver speedy results. However, you must remember that SEO takes time; the only black hat SEO approach (such as Content Automation, Doorway Pages, Keyword Stuffing, and Bad Backlinks) that would give you with quick SEO results is Content Automation. And, if you go ahead with it, this procedure will have a negative impact on your website, with the chance of Google blocking it.

Is it okay if I give my content-creation ideas and plans?

Definitely! We enjoy hearing about your ideas and intentions and then putting them into action. You can discuss your ideas with us, and we’ll get to work on them or give suggestions for improvements to make them ideal. Our goal is to satisfy our customers and give the best SEO services possible.

What is White Hat SEO, and how does it work?

White hat SEO is defined as the use of organic and safe ways to ensure that a website performs well in the search engine results pages (SERPs). It entails high-quality content and services, fast website loading times, mobile-friendliness, ease of access, and the use of keyword-rich meta .

Do we back up the SEO strategies that are already in place?

Yes! Existing SEO campaigns are supported by us. In fact, the majority of our customers come to us to use our services in conjunction with existing initiatives. We’ve changed and taken over old advertising while also developing new strategies for your company’s website. We make certain that our business plan is appropriate for your website.

What are the different sorts of payment options that you accept?

Credit cards, PayPal, bank transfers, and debit cards are all accepted. You can learn more about it by reading the terms and conditions in our payment section.

What should you do if you don't receive your rating within the specified time frame?

We are committed to meeting our deadlines and sticking to our commitments. We’ll make sure to deliver the rankings on schedule and in accordance with the contract.

How much do our services cost?

Our CEO’s objective is to provide businesses with cheap Digital Marketing services, hence our services begin at $150 per month. The incentives/bonuses we receive from our customers following successful campaigns are our true achievement. Now is your chance to take advantage of our top services and join our list of satisfied customers.

What is the difference between on-page and off-page SEO?

SEO has been around for quite some time. Businesses have used it to increase interaction on their websites, reach new people, and distribute knowledge since the beginning. As a result, SEO has become a sophisticated and advanced technological discipline in recent years, utilizing both on-page SEO and off-page approaches to ensure that a decent website reaches the top of the search engine’s result pages. On-page SEO refers to all of the on-site strategies that may be used to ensure that a webpage achieves a high SERP ranking.It encompasses everything from the technology used to build the website to the way the keywords are used on the page. Off-page SEO refers to elements that affect your website’s ranking that occur outside of it, such as backlinks from other websites and promotion strategies.

Do you provide any further digital marketing services?

Eddie Marketing Solutions is a reputable name in the field of digital marketing as well as a top SEO business in the UAE. We provide a full suite of digital marketing services, including SEO, social media optimization, pay-per-click marketing, content marketing, online reputation management, video marketing, email marketing, and more.

What is the cost of your SEO services?

We are a top SEO firm with a mission to keep our charges low for our clients. When it comes to the cost of SEO services, it varies depending on the type of project, its current search engine ranking, the number of keywords that need to be targeted, the size of the site, and the specialty of the business. You can discuss your requirements with us, and after reviewing your website, we will provide you with a free price.

Is there any effect on SEO from the review?

There’s no denying that online reviews have become a critical aspect in reaching success. Everyone reads reviews before using a service or purchasing a product from a certain company. It has a significant impact on ranking and, over time, sales.

Will SEO affect the design of my website?

There’s no way to know for sure. The content of your website is expertly edited to perfectly match the voice and style of your company. New web pages, enhanced site or page foundation, or more user pleasant and easy navigation may be advised in some circumstances. Among these, your brand’s image is given priority above whatever is best suited for your website’s success path.

How can I get my local business listed in Google Maps' three categories?

If you can pay to have your business listed in the Google Maps Pack, such as 3 Pack, Map Pack, or Local 3 Pack, you’ve effectively struck Local SEO Gold. We recommend that you score one of the following locations:#1 The Most Appropriate Location– The physical location is an important aspect of the guide pack, and the closer you are to downtown or the searcher is to you, the more likely your posting will appear on the map. Because you can’t change your business’s geographical location, the only thing you can do is concentrate on the optimal keywords in your website’s s and categories.#2 Create Citations– You must continue to create new posting profiles in order to improve the quality of your website as well as your image name. It’s better if you have a lot of links pointing back to your page. This includes audits from previous clients. You must update the directories that are relevant to your sector or service on a regular basis, which includes

  •  Yelp
  •  Yellow Pages
  •  Facebook

#3 Google My Business Account: Ensure that your Google My Business account is up to date, and that your website contains accurate information for your Name, Address, and Phone Number. To fully optimize your profile, incorporate images that depict the things, services, or programs that you provide, as well as informative portrayal and keyword words in your about section.

What kind of outcomes might be anticipated from an SEO campaign?

Because your competitors in the industry are constantly attempting to seize your position in the SERP, using SEO for a specific time period is never a good idea. On the other hand, one cannot expect to invest once and then maintain a first place on a search engine for the rest of one’s life. Neither the rankings nor the algorithms are indestructible. Google’s algorithm is always being improved in order to give a better user experience. As a result, one must maintain a flawless SEO implementation approach. Increased traffic from search engines will result from improved SEO.

  •  More Traffic = More Leads
  •  More Leads = More conversions

We work with a variety of companies, each with its own set of criteria, intended outcomes, and budget. We also had a project where we delivered good results in less than two months, but we should expect roughly 30-40% of keywords to appear on the first page of the search engine. Because we are doing Whitehat SEO rather than purchasing them, organic SEO takes a little longer. Among the criteria that are considered as part of a business engagement are the following:

Why are my competitors on Google above me? How might we be in the Top?

There are several reasons why your competitors may be higher than you on Google. The following are some of the common reasons: Data from the competitor’s website may be more relevant to user requests. The website may have worked for a long time and they could have acquired better search engine authority than your website. If the website is no longer operating then you might have access to information to the analysis of the website’s aims and you can construct or modify your website’s content. You may have added the material and keywords on the pages according to user interest. The content and keywords on the pages may have been included according to the user’s interest, if the website has a longer time span, then the information they can have may be given for the purposes of analyzing the visitor’s intentions on the website. The competitors may also acquire a page 1 position of search engines with numerous additional signals. It’s not just about the website, but also on websites like Yelp, Facebook, and other prominent directories. Not only are links to these directories helping you to increase your visibility on the internet, but they also offer you good profile links through which the site receives link equity.


Eddie Tech Solutions has a variety of Digital Marketing Careers available, including contract and internship opportunities. Active college students can apply for one of four annual Digital Marketing Scholarships. We provide two scholarships to students pursuing digital marketing degrees each spring and fall.

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