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By the year 2040, it’s estimated that 95% of all purchases will be through eCommerce. (NASDAQ)

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Integrating E-commerce Into Your Website

E-commerce Website integration is the process of a company’s existing website being updated to enable online sales. Many websites do not support e-commerce out of the box, so some changes to the site are required to enable the new e-commerce platform. Eddie Tech Solutions has extensive experience transferring current websites to e-commerce platforms, and we can assist you right now.

Ecommerce Website Integration

Thanks to third-party programmers, E-commerce Website Integration now has a plethora of extra plug-ins and extensions, greatly expanding its potential. Most online website functions may be implemented via E-commerce Website Integration, which can then be controlled by the end-user after the initial setup. CMS-based websites, such as E-commerce Website Integration, save businesses money because staff may make simple modifications to the website themselves.

Ecommerce Website Integration Options

At Eddie Tech Solutions, we’ve successfully helped a lot of our customers incorporate e-commerce into their current websites. Here are a few options for incorporating e-commerce into your website:

  • Use Plug-Ins- You may use plug-ins to add e-commerce functionality to your website if you’re using a website platform like Joomla or WordPress. Both WordPress and Joomla sites are excellent choices, and Eddie Tech Solutions will help you with the necessary plug-ins.
  • Create a second site that looks similar to the first but has e-commerce functionality—this isn’t the best situation to be in. It can be difficult and frustrating to get the two sites to function together.
  • Transferring your old website to a more e-commerce-friendly platform is the greatest long-term answer for your business. You can take advantage of the tools available to optimize your website by transferring it to a WordPress or other e-commerce platform.
You may be able to accomplish some of these chores yourself, depending on your degree of capability. If the tasks appear to be too difficult or complex, some people may prefer to engage a web developer.
Contact Eddie Tech Solutions for assistance with your project. We are here to assist you with your e-commerce website migration project, whether you just need someone to consult and give you some direction or you want a professional to complete all of the work for you.

How Can a Website Transition Add E-commerce?

If you’ve decided to make the switch to an e-commerce website, there are a few things to keep in mind. Perhaps your old site isn’t as scalable as you thought and has hit its limit. Perhaps your current website was a $500.00 do-it-yourself project that no longer meets your needs.
Regardless of your objectives, following a few suggestions can help your website shift to a more comprehensive e-commerce platform. Some people will choose to handle these tasks themselves, while others would prefer to hire a professional site designer.

E-commerce Domain Registration Issues

The first thing you should do is verify that you can access your domain. You must be both the administrative contact and the domain owner. This might be a simple or hard process, depending on who put up your site in the first place. When someone else registers your domain, you may have issues. Getting the permissions back from them in order to make any modifications can be difficult.

E-commerce Addition Influence On Current Website

Your present firm is likely to have a number of automated processes in place, ranging from invoicing and payments to ordering and delivery. Before you switch to a new platform and website, double-check that none of your present vendors, suppliers, or systems will be affected. If that’s the case, you’ll need to deal with these changes before they become an issue.

Migrating Data To a New E-commerce Website

You will almost certainly need to move all of your data from one site to another. The migration of a website can range from challenging to practically impossible. In theory, you can combine all of the data into a CSV or other file type and upload it to the new system. The ease of the transfer will be directly influenced by the complexity of your system and products. Simple data, such as product specifications, should not be difficult to obtain. Older files may be more difficult to work with and will almost certainly require the expertise of a web developer. It’s also likely that some of the older data won’t be transferable at all.

E-commerce URL Security

I’m guessing your existing site starts with “https://.” This shows that the website is secure and is protected by an SSL certificate (Secure Socket Layer). This is extremely important to Google, so make sure you do it. Furthermore, you should have a secure sight in any case. It’s likely that you already have one. However, transferring such information from one platform to another might be difficult. Not all certificates are compatible with all software, so double-check before moving it.

93.5% of global internet users have purchased products online. (OptinMonster)

Reduce Search Engine Errors With Your Integrated Site

You don’t want to lose all of your hard work whether you’ve put in countless hours or hired a professional SEO team to produce unique content for your website. Your URL is linked to your organic positioning. As a result, your new system must use the same URL so that you do not lose any of your hard work. Redirecting all of your pages using 301 permanent redirects from the old pages to the new ones is a less desirable solution.

Email Transfer To Integrated E-commerce Site

If transferring URLs and page names is proving tough, consider using email. Examine all aliases and email addresses. For at least a few days, it is advised that you keep the ability to check both the old and new servers. A fallback option is to create a forward of all messages from the old server to the new one. When your new website is up and running, you should immediately test each and every email address for functionality.

Test Your Integrated E-commerce Site First

Once your site is up and running, double-check it for accuracy. Place a few orders to ensure that the new system is up and running. If you’re having problems with payment processing, it’s better to fix the bugs yourself rather than involve a customer.

Maintain The Old Website And The New E-commerce Site

Maintaining your old website for at least 30-60 days can be beneficial. This will come in handy if you lose data and need to go back to your old system to restore it.

How To Add Ecommerce To An Existing Website

Internet selling can be a lucrative business. That is why so many companies are incorporating e-commerce into their existing websites right now. The other alternative is to start from scratch and construct a new internet store.
If you want to integrate e-commerce into your website, you’ll probably need e-commerce website integration. There are numerous ways to incorporate e-commerce into your website.

Secured Testing Environment For Your Web Project

E-commerce, in general, The creation of the Website Integration website takes place on our servers in a secure staging environment. Our secure development services ensure that your customers don’t see your new site until it’s ready. We also employ sophisticated software to visualize your site architecture and make modifications before it goes online.

Contact Eddie Tech Solutions For Ecommerce Website Migration

To discuss your e-commerce website migration, contact Eddie Tech Solutions now. We can assist you with your project in whatever capacity you require. If you’re attempting to accomplish the job on your own, we can help. We can also assist you with the project by providing our expertise and experience. Do not delay in completing your eCommerce website migration so that you may take benefit from your online business.

E-commerce Solutions

E-commerce websites that need to manage sales, inventory, and shipping all in one place may consider Website Integration.

Responsive Designs

Our E-commerce Website Integration sites are totally responsive and have been thoroughly tested across all major devices and browsers.

E-commerce Website Integration Training

If you’d like, our experts will walk you through utilizing and editing your new E-commerce Website Integration website once it’s online.

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