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Professional SEO Services are critical to a website’s success in today’s environment. When you improve a website’s visibility and search presence, you can expect a rise in sales, profit, and leads.

61% of marketers say growing SEO/organic presence is a high inbound marketing priority (Hubspot)

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eDDIE TECH SOLUTIONS Professional SEO Services include:

It is critical for your online success to ensure that your website and complete online presence are Search Engine Optimized. You can have the best website in the world, but if no one visits it, it’s as if you don’t have one at all.

The excellent SEO packages offered by Eddie Tech Solution have a track record of increasing website exposure and conversions. Search engine optimization is the lifeblood of online marketing, and we provide comprehensive, cost-effective, and expert SEO services to assist you in achieving higher ranks.

Eddie Tech Solutions provides a variety of approaches and practices that can produce significant outcomes. We can help you stand out among the countless voices on the internet by helping you climb above your competitors. Below is a list of some of the things we can do.

What does SEO stand for?

Many various components go into an effective SEO strategy. Learn about the components that Dubai SEO professionals propose for gaining high-quality connections and improving your Google ranking.


Content, Content, Content is the name of the game. These are the words you constantly hearing on the internet and from other business owners. To maintain and improve your online web presence, Eddie Tech Solutions creates and targets unique content.
Our writers can assist you in creating content by learning about your company and how you portray yourself. In any business, there are a plethora of interesting topics to write about, and any of these topics may be simply translated into a web page or blog post.


On-Page SEO is the process of optimizing your own website. Increasing your potential to be seen on search engines like Google and Bing by ensuring your website is written correctly with all appropriate SEO tags, alt tags, and pictures. Because search engines are continually revising their algorithms, SEO is a dynamic industry.
To keep your website up to date, you should always update and expand on any existing SEO methods. More search engine impressions equals more potential for traffic to your website.


Backlinking tactics, often known as link building strategies, have changed a lot throughout the years. To boost keyword success on your website, Eddie Tech Solutions exclusively employs the most up-to-date Google-approved link-building tactics.
Search engines are more persuaded to source your web pages for results if you develop a large number of internal and external links. We’re also capable of clearing up outdated, broken, or blacklisted links if necessary.


Eddie Tech Solutions can help local and regional businesses establish a successful local search strategy to boost visibility for potential clients in specific geographic areas. To guarantee you have the best Google search position possible, we will employ Google Local Services Ads and Google My Business. To rank higher on Google Maps, local customers should use keyword research tools to create a list of keywords based on local search intent.
Our keyword research, on-page SEO, and customized SEO content will improve traffic to your website for the cities, towns, suburbs, or neighborhoods you want to target.


When it comes to forming search results, keywords are the determining variable. Based on how many people are looking for them, these precise words and phrases have a distinct worth. Our SEO experts will research and select the ideal target keywords for your market, as well as develop a strategy around those keywords and your objectives.
The finest keywords are specific to each company and its sector. We specialize in locating possibilities that are underrepresented in high-volume searches. Prior to taking action, your top digital marketing objective should be to create a list of keywords.


Working online has the advantage of being able to track all data, making it simple to report. We can report on our discoveries and results on a regular basis once we begin working on your SEO. Our experts will generate reports that describe your traffic, top referring keywords, search engine activity, and an overall site assessment.
Numbers speak for themselves, and being able to demonstrate how effectively our work has performed thus far allows us to determine where we should focus our efforts in the future. We are confident in our capacity to improve your internet presence, as evidenced by our reports.


There is no greater skill to devote your time in than SEO when it comes to establishing an online presence. SEO is a technique for improving a website’s visibility by increasing search results. Increased content and the use of exact keywords are only two examples of steps that can be taken to boost search numbers. You can ensure that your company stands out among the billions of search results by creating and maintaining a solid SEO strategy.

When it comes to finding new products and services, the internet has become a main source of information. With so much emphasis on the quality of your website, the amount of information it contains, and the simplicity with which it can be accessed, having high-quality digital assets is a must.
When it comes to boosting their digital presence and SEO, everyone is at a different starting place. Regardless of whether you have prior expertise with SEO and internet marketing or are just getting started, everyone can benefit from some assistance in improving their current situation.
It can be difficult to stay up with the latest trends in the digital landscape, which is always developing at a quick speed. It can be difficult to give quality efforts unless you are already committed to studying and implementing new approaches to your web presence.
With complete attention and knowledge, Eddie Tech Solutions can deliver high-quality SEO tactics. Our experts can give the required expertise to meet your SEO goals and needs.
Seo consulting

SEO Consulting

Eddie Tech Solutions is a leading SEO consultancy firm. You can assure that you are getting the best insight into SEO strategy and implementation by hiring a professional and qualified consultant. Knowing where to focus your SEO efforts and which tactics to employ might help you save time on research and upkeep.
We can make sure that your website’s content, links, and keywords are all relevant. We can give you with actual outcomes by establishing a clear and straightforward strategy and putting our experience to work in putting those plans into action. You’ll be able to see how your SEO has improved by tracking activity from the beginning of our relationship to the end of our efforts.
seo consulting services

Types of SEO

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to SEO. When it comes to developing a good SEO plan, there are a number of various elements that must be handled in order to improve your overall SEO. While Eddie Tech Solutions provides a wide range of SEO-related services, there are three key features of SEO that all organizations may benefit from. The three major categories of SEO are as follows:

There are numerous aspects that go into each of these different sorts of SEO, but implementing an SEO plan that integrates all of these different focuses is essential.

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On-Page SEO refers to search engine optimization efforts conducted on your own web pages in order to increase search traffic. When it comes to your company’s online presence, your website is the hub. It should be the first place a client or potential customer visits to learn everything there is to know about you. When it comes to fulfilling search inquiries, a website with extensive web pages covering all aspects of a business can provide a plethora of possibilities for search engines to draw from.

Meta descriptions and alt text optimization are two of the most critical aspects for good on-page SEO. You demonstrate search engines why your content should come closer to the top of Google for a given topic by labeling photos with an accurate depiction of what they are. For ADA-compliant websites, alternative text is also a must-have feature.

Keyword research and application, which is exhibited in the content you write, are some of the finest strategies to increase your On-Page SEO. An important SEO duty is determining which keywords are relevant to your business. When it comes to finding good keywords, the ultimate goal is to figure out which terms are being searched for yet are underrepresented in search results.

You must put these keywords into action once you get them. The easiest method to do so is to create content that revolves around them. Making web pages on your website that contain these keywords will not only increase traffic, but will also provide you with instructive content that you can refer to at any moment.
Many keywords are queries that a prospective buyer might ask. You can respond to these queries and assure clients that you have what they require.
Technical seo

Technical SEO

All SEO tasks that aren’t related to content creation are referred to as technical SEO. Many of these responsibilities are related to resolving potential website issues. Mobile display capabilities, loading speeds, website architecture, and security are all examples of technical SEO duties. All of these website changes assist to modernize your site, keeping it professional and up to date with what your competitors have to offer.

You’re changing more than the appearance of your website when you update it. When we work to improve a client’s website, we always make modifications for performance reasons. With so many people accessing websites via their phones, it’s critical to have a mobile display that not only looks good but also functions smoothly and effectively, giving these visitors the same viewing experience as those on a desktop.

With the latest Google PageSpeed Insights upgrades, it’s more important than ever to make sure that all of your web pages are mobile-friendly and load as quickly as possible. Internal links that lead to out-of-date content or 404 errors must be fixed.

Making sure your website loads quickly not only protects your visitors from frustration, but it also protects you from larger issues such as site outages. A digital maze is a website that is difficult to traverse. It can be difficult to accommodate an influx of web pages without a clear plan for how they should be organized.

The architecture of a website is equally as important as the content. Having a verified, secure website acts as a barrier of defense, making everyone feel safer when using the internet. It’s critical to maintain a safe and secure website whether you’re a store or any other type of business that gathers personal information from customers directly on your website. It’s also vital for SEO, because search engines like Google will rank safe websites in search results over unprotected websites.
There are a slew of technical parts on your website that need to be strengthened in order to improve user experience and SEO, and we can assist you figure out what needs to be done.

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO is similar to On-Page SEO, with the exception that Off-Page SEO encompasses all SEO efforts conducted outside of your website. These are all of the other links, accounts, and listings on the internet that have your name attached to them. Off-Page SEO includes things like social network profiles, Google and Bing maps listings, reviews, and news items that mention your company.

All of these distinct sorts of Off-Page SEO are vital for improving your company’s SEO because they demonstrate your range of online impact. It’s one thing for a potential customer to read about how fantastic you are on your own website, but when they realize that others agree and are prepared to write about it on the internet, it’s a far more powerful statement.
The ultimate goal of SEO is to have a number of various sources mention you when someone searches for your business or industry.
Increasing your social media presence is one strategy to improve your Off-Page SEO. Once people begin to follow and connect with your account, traffic will begin to flow naturally. Having a solid social media content development strategy that utilizes several platforms and maintains a constant publishing schedule can attract more followers and generate more interest in your company.
Although social media isn’t the be-all and end-all of off-page SEO, it is where the majority of people spend their time online. Advertising and building a following can lead to new business and is a fun way to show off your company to the rest of the globe.
Types of seo eddie tech solutions

Keyword Strategies

There are numerous tools available to help you establish a keyword research plan. Many of Google’s internal tools might help you discover new keyword suggestions. Google Trends is a terrific resource for learning about what’s hot in different parts of the world. You may look for the most common searches by state, city, or even country.
The Google Keyword Planner is an excellent tool for creating successful Google Ads campaigns. It’s also a fantastic SEO tool. Based on historical traffic in your location or nation, the keyword planner can help you decide which keywords to use in your blogs or service pages.

Custom SEO Packages for your Business

Contact Eddie Tech Solutions today to learn more about how we can assist your company. For over a decade, we’ve been offering SEO services to our clients and know what works. We have worked in a variety of industries and can assist your company as well.
Our SEO staff is capable of assisting you in ranking higher for keywords that are relevant to your business, allowing you to appear higher in search results. We’ll start with an SEO audit to select a course of action. You will get more clicks and consumers if you rank higher.
Contact us today to see what kind of plan and tailored search engine optimization services we can put up for your company!

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Since 2003 we have been "in the sector." In 2003, we launched Web Eddie Tech Solutions. Eddie Tech Solutions is emerging on the internet to enable mom & pop to come online and compete with major companies. Our objective for the past eight years is digital marketing and SEO specialization.

Depending on the project kind, our methodology is different. We are working directly with our customers to hammer out strategies, collectively to define how successful we are, how successful we are and how success is measured. For every company, industry and project this looks different. The creation of distinct plans and objectives is vital.

We calculate project-by-project expenses - our hourly rate is $30, which is the basis for project estimations. In many projects, additional charges might be expected, such as premium software, domain registration, hosting or other SaaS, in which the project is created and managed. In general, a deposit of 50% for new projects is required.

We first collect customer information and do preliminary research before offering an approach package or plan. Our staff will develop for you a single local SEO plan.

In fact, we are going to! The aim of SEO-friendly local content is to attract people's attention in a set geographical area. We'll concentrate on local blogs, magazines, forums, etc. In order to help you get greater attention, our content team will also publish pieces in local industry directories.

Ranking By SEO is a well-established, more than a decade-long marketing organization. We have offered local SEO services in the United African States to a variety of companies in various branches. Our professionals have also published material on prominent venues in the field.

We conduct promotional programs and occasionally give discounts. You can talk to our professional about the price or wait for us to implement a promotional arrangement to hire our services. Instead of waiting, we propose that you contact us. The solution that matches your budget and produces desirable results will undoubtedly come from our team.

Our local search marketing techniques cover organic search. On request, we may conduct paid marketing initiatives, but they are not part of our services. For this aim, you can recruit our specialist paid marketing services.

SEO is an ongoing process, somewhat slow. In 3-4 months from work on the campaign, clients often begin to see results. After we start working with local SEO, you will see important results and continuous traffic approximately 6-12 months. Don't worry because SEO builds up over time and produces fantastic benefits as the speed increases.

Yes, the non-disclosure agreement is ready to be signed. Ranking SEO cherishes the privacy of customers, and without your specific approval will never disclose your information with someone.

We provide our customers with thorough yet simple weekly or monthly reports. As soon as they're ready, our team will email them to you to maintain track of the campaign.

We provide our customers with weekly and monthly reports. During our inaugural meeting, we plan our reporting and communication plans. In addition to our 24X7 customer support team, we also provide lifelong assistance to help you alter your website according to your strategies and needs.

Our site is designed to protect our customers' personal information with HTTPS and SSL certificates. So you can be confident that you have confidence in us.


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