You can raise interest and quality visitors to your website by building accurate and informative product pages.

It’s estimated that there will be 2.05 billion global digital buyers in 2020. (Oberlo)

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Any ecommerce site requires excellent product pages.

E-commerce product pages enable visitors to view your products and make selections, resulting in more traffic to your website. You’ll be in a better position to improve sales and conversions if you provide more products that are related to your business.

Great product pages will increase engagement.

Great product pages are the outcome of a well-considered content creation strategy. Anyone can describe widgets for sale; however, the greatest ecommerce businesses will employ optimal tags and keywords to boost organic traffic and save PPC expenses.
List all of the things you sell, along with detailed descriptions, alternate text, images, and other media. More content to increase engagement, which will lead to more high-quality traffic and more sales!

Product pages that convert

One of the most crucial parts of your ecommerce site is having high-converting product pages. Customers will have a difficult time purchasing anything from your site if the material isn’t easy to find and navigate. Knowing what makes a great product page, as well as what a product page is, are two critical components of success.

You want your clients to enjoy themselves when buying on your website. Another important component is the product page user experience, sometimes known as product page ux. The greatest product pages in 2020 will adhere to the principles outlined below.

What is a product page

What is a product page?

A product page is a landing page or webpage that contains all of the information on a product offered on an ecommerce website.
Some websites employ html ecommerce product page design, shopify product page applications, or shopify product page design. A product page design template, on the other hand, isn’t always the greatest option.

To design outstanding high-converting product pages, follow these steps:

Use Titles for Your Products

While the titles of your products aren’t all that important, they do need to be given names. In addition, the products’ title tags must have distinct names. At the very least, you’ll want your goods to have different titles for SEO purposes. Titles will appear at the top of any product page design template. Also, don’t be scared to get creative with your titles.

Use titles for your products
Use breadcrumbs to navigates

Use Breadcrumbs to Navigate

Breadcrumbs are an excellent navigational aid on an ecommerce site. Breadcrumbs are included in the top ecommerce product listing page designs so that users may effortlessly navigate your site. Customers must be able to navigate effortlessly if you want to create a high-converting product page.

A hierarchy breadcrumb is exactly what you’ll need. This allows a user to return to a previous selection or to different products without having to start over. It’s like attempting to navigate a website without a “back” button. Yes, you’ll be able to do that. However, it will be inconvenient and time-consuming.

Describe your Products Well

You don’t want to just describe your items while writing about them. You’ve decided to tell a story. After all, who doesn’t like to hear a good story? In your product descriptions, storytelling is also a very effective marketing tactic. In 2020, the best product pages will tell a story.
In order for your tale to be as effective as possible, you must be able to generate passion and enthusiasm for your product.
I’ve attached a screenshot of one of my favorite product pages. A backpack is being sold on the page. It does, however, do a lot more than just explain the backpack. It tells a narrative.
Here’s the product description:
  • Star Wars goods that is officially licensed
  • Sometimes the greatest strategy is to blend in.
  • Suitable for your Ewok pal
It’s time to pack! We’re leaving for Endor in the morning, and you’ll need to find a bag big enough to include all of your essentials plus room for a small teddy-bear-like lifeform. Hypothetically. We’re not advising you to bring an Ewok back with you, but you will have the choice if you find your Ewok BFF.
This Star Wars Rebel Alliance Special Forces Rucksack has plenty of room for everything you’ll need for the day, plus a little extra (including an Ewok). The camo accents will make it more difficult for the Stormtroopers to notice you on Endor, which is a big benefit considering their rucksacks are white. Standing out can sometimes be the worst thing you can do.
Product Specifications 
Rucksack from the Star Wars Rebel Alliance Special Forces
Star Wars goods that is officially licensed
There’s a roll-top, two front zipper pockets, and two side zipper pockets. The patch for the Endor Commando Alliance Special Forces is clearly displayed on the front.
  • On the side pocket is faux Aurebesh (it would say “Restore the Republic,” but each word is backwards) – Do you want everyone to know what your genuine mission is?
  • The Rebel Alliance insignia is also depicted.
  • If you’re putting an Ewok in the bag, make sure the top isn’t too tight.
  • Shoulder straps that can be adjusted
  • Polyester, vegan-friendly imitation leather, and a silicone strap closing
One of the best aspects about this product page is that it assumes you already live in a Star Wars universe. By making this assumption, the page’s description can be personalized to a Star Wars fan’s ideal scenario.
The numerous references to your Ewok BFF are another feature that stands out. This does not imply that the product is improved in any way. However, it does a fantastic job at expanding on the story and making it more enjoyable.
Perhaps the reader will consider giving it to his nephew, who will then be able to play the role of a Jedi. Maybe he or she has always wanted to be an interplanetary smuggler and just needed the pack to get started.
This product page ux, regardless of the conclusion, is an excellent example of how a story can sell a product.

Use Detailed Images in your Product Pages

Any good high-converting product page will be brimming with fantastic images. It should be as thorough as possible so that customers can see exactly what they’re buying.
When zooming in, there should be a good number of photos with a lot of information. They must also load almost instantly.
The best results will come from having as many photographs as possible with as many angles as possible.

Use detailed images in your product pages
Use product videos

Use Product Videos

What can you do if you can’t go shopping in person? Viewing a video of the item you’re looking for. Videos are an excellent method to show customers what you have to offer.
REI, Advance Auto Parts, and Zappos all have excellent films that either simulate in-person shopping or provide a great deal of information.

Include Add-ons with High Value Purchases

Near the end of the sales process, you should offer additional products or services that correlate to the item(s) in the cart. This could be a warranty or accessories. These product upsells can increase your revenue and provide your customer with more features or components for their purchase.

Higher education marketing seo case study - higher education marketing seo case study | eddietechsolns

Create a sense of Urgency

Give your customers a cause to make a purchase right now. It’s possible that there’s a limited supply or a limited-time promotion. Some businesses utilize timers to show how much time is remaining on a sale. In order to boost the popularity of a product, some websites may display the number of other people who are looking at it. You can use a variety of techniques to generate a sense of urgency. It’s critical that you persuade your customer to buy right now. It’s unlikely that they’ll return to buy once they’ve left the site.

An emotional motivation to act quickly is the best approach to convert a potential customer into a buyer.

Many hotel booking services create a sense of urgency by indicating how few rooms are available, how recently a hotel was booked, and how many people have viewed a certain property. They frequently employ a bold red typeface that jumps out.

Allow Eddie Tech Solutions to assist you in developing excellent product pages for your ecommerce website. To discover more about how we can help your website prosper, contact us today.

Make Sure to Display Cross-Promotional Items and Recently Viewed Products

You must elaborate on exactly what your visitor is looking for on any product page that converts.
Offer them additional products that are related to what they’re looking at, for example. If a consumer is interested in a sweater, show them the other sweaters you have. You also have the option of retargeting users by showing them their recently seen items for free.

Make sure to display cross promotional items and recently viewed products
Use specific product page detail

Use Specific Product Page Detail

Is your product available in different versions? Is it available in different sizes, colors, or options? You should make finding all of these alternatives as simple as possible. Users should be able to navigate to all of the other options on your product page. You want not just all of your goods to be seen, but you also want your pages to be colorful and full of content.

Provide All of the Product Details

In the product’s description, you’ve previously answered questions regarding it. Now consider any further inquiries that a shopper might have and respond to them all. You don’t want to lose a deal because a customer doesn’t understand what you’re selling. Customers get all the information they need without having to ask for it on the finest product page ux.

Provide all the product details

Display Product Reviews

Your ecommerce site’s success is dependent on ratings and reviews. While a company’s comment on a product carries some weight, a review from another customer carries far more weight. All of the products in a successful ecommerce store will have reviews.
You want as many testimonials as possible. Also, don’t be afraid of bad feedback. Positive reviews should always outnumber negative reviews if you’re selling a good product.
Make sure to have purchase buttons

Make Sure to Have Purchase Buttons

If a consumer is on your product page and ready to buy something, they should be able to find the “add to basket” button quickly and effortlessly. This button should be more noticeable than the rest of the page. It must be huge and vibrant. Second, a “purchase now” option that takes the user directly to the checkout page should be offered.

Product Page Chat Functionality

Customers may have additional inquiries that require a human answer. Having a chat option on your website will assist you in doing just that. With no additional monthly fees, Eddie Tech Solutions can assist you with customizing a chat feature.

Product page chat functionality
Create a wishlist functionality

Create a Wishlist Functionality

Let’s face it, there will be occasions when you run out of a particular product or size just when a customer is looking for it. Having a wishlist that is immediately accessible will help with this issue. You still have a chance to make a sale if a consumer can readily add her email to be notified when a product becomes available. In the worst-case situation, you can use the email to send marketing.
This is also an excellent approach to generate a Christmas present wishlist that the client may share. It will increase traffic to your website and purchases.
There are numerous processes involved in producing a fantastic product page design. You might wish to change your structure depending on your site. The design of a Shopify product page differs from that of an ecommerce product page in HTML.
Any ecommerce product listing page should, nevertheless, adhere to the criteria outlined above.
Allow Eddie Tech Solutions to assist you in developing high-quality ecommerce product pages that convert right away!

Increase Traffic

Your e-commerce activities will be more valuable with product pages.

Drive Performance

Your customer’s needs will be highlighted on product pages. With well-designed product pages, you may assist customers in finding it.

Grow Your Business

With product pages, you can ensure that your products and services are found. Grow your business by showcasing your products well.

Well-designed product pages can help you grow your business online. Adding product pages to your website will make it more relevant to visitors and provide them with more possibilities. Allow Eddie Tech Solutions to assist you with adding the products you require to your website.

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