Advertising with Google

Google Ads, formerly known as AdWords, allows you to put your brand in front of customers who are actively searching for you. When there’s a lot of competition in the search engines, Eddie Tech Solutions can assist you manage your Google Ads to keep your ad expenses low.
Individuals, agencies, and corporations can also benefit from Eddie Tech Solutions’ unique Google Ads training classes.

Targeting the Right Audience

You’re missing out on a lot of business if you’re not advertising on Google. Google Ads are being used by your competitors to target your customers. It’s critical to create the correct ads for the right audience, as well as identify those searching for the most relevant themes your company represents. Years of experience with Google Ads agencies will keep you from making costly paid search mistakes. Try our Google Adwords Management team today.

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Google Adwords Management

Eddie Tech Solutions has a decade of Google Adwords (now Google Ads) campaign management knowledge. We’ve spent many hours establishing techniques that operate swiftly and successfully for our clients employing a three-tiered approach that has proven to be incredibly productive. Allow our Google ads services team to assist you in developing and executing the finest campaign for your company. We are a leading Google Adwords agency, and our Google Adwords staff can assist you with your Google Adwords management right now.

Campaign Success

There is one element that all successful firms have in common. They’ve all had good marketing. This amounts to having successful digital marketing and AdWords management services in today’s digital world. Today’s successful businesses require a digital marketing company with experience and knowledge of the digital arena. Having professionals manage your Google Ads campaigns has a number of advantages:

  • You’re going to spend your money wisely.
  • There will be an increase in traffic, clicks, and conversions.
  • You aren’t squandering your time attempting to figure out what works.
  • You are not squandering funds by running unsuccessful advertisements.

Our expert team will design a campaign for your company that will get the results you desire. We can also revitalize your current campaign if it has become stale or isn’t delivering the results you want.

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Google AdWords and Campaign Management 

We’ve conducted a slew of campaigns and won’t squander your money on trial and error. We have the skills and understanding to develop a fantastic product for you that meets all of your requirements. Some agencies may offer you winning keywords that have been certified by Google Ads. They may, however, be deceiving you. More than a Google AdWords certified certificate, experience is the finest weapon for success.

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AdWords Campaigns

Waiting for results is only one of a Google Ads management strategy. Sitting and waiting for clicks isn’t going to help. To achieve the best outcomes, you must take a proactive approach. The advertisements must be shown to the appropriate audience. You shouldn’t pay too much for keywords if they aren’t going to give you the best return on investment.

Professional seo services in the uae - digital marketing uae - pay per click advertising - online marketing dubai uae - seo company dubai - digital marketing agency dubai

AdWords Research

Before we even start typing, we’ll conduct research into your industry, company, and products to obtain a thorough grasp of your operation. If you already have a campaign running, we’ll examine it to see if there are any missing elements. We’ve discovered that the more time we spend learning about and understanding the services and goods you offer, the better outcomes we can deliver.


AdWords Strategy

Our plan is still in the works. This is due to the fact that our plan is a joint effort between us and you. We won’t just apply a one-size-fits-all approach to you and hope for the best. Before we get started, we’ll need to talk about your company’s objectives.

Some businesses want to improve their brand recognition. Some of our clients wish to increase their lead generation. Some people want to increase the number of visitors to their website. A member of our Google Ads Consultant team will meet with you to discuss your options.

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Campaign Setup

We can’t start our marketing campaign unless we know what motivates you and what you require. We’ll start structuring your ad groups, retargeting lists, product information, negative keywords, and more once we’ve agreed on a strategy.
We’ll link these to your target population so you can create the most effective advertising while staying inside your budget.
While other firms may use Google AdWords express or the Google adwords keyword tool to locate and use the best keywords for your business, we have a more complex strategy, even when compared to the adwords keyword planner. Our responsive search advertisements, in combination with the Google display network, ensure that the best ad reaches the best audience.

Google Ads Success

To optimize outcomes, you’ll need Google advertisements management, just like any other successful project. It’s not a situation where you can set it and forget it. In order to achieve the best ROI, it necessitates care and fine tuning. Throughout the course of the campaign, as your Google ads consultant, we will focus on a number of parameters. Our Google Ads services team will look at the following items:
  1. Analyze AdWords
  2. Planner of keywords
  3. Negative keyword evaluation
  4. Landing page updates
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Google Advertising

For any number of alternatives, Google offers a wide range of ad formats. When you first sign up for a Google Ads account, you’ll notice that you have a lot of options. You’ll have a wide range of options to choose from, including Google display advertisements, Google shopping ads, and video ads. Eddie Tech Solutions can assist as your Google campaign manager, and we can also sign you up for Google Adsense.
Advertisers on Google frequently inquire about Google Ads pricing. Google Ads costs are calculated using a pay-per-click (PPC) model. A Google PPC Ad’s average cost per click might vary dramatically.
The amount that can be spent is limited by a Google Ads option. The Google account adsense capabilities are extensive, allowing you to customize your display campaign on Google, the Google display network, or your mobile apps (on AdMob Google).
Google shopping campaigns

Google Shopping Campaigns

You may put your products in front of your potential buyers with a Google Shopping campaign. Your product feed will appear at the top of the page whenever a consumer searches for a product you sell.
Consider the advantages of having your item appear at the top of the results page. To get to your products, a user will not have to scroll down or click on a website.
Our Google Adwords professionals can build the appropriate language, great images, and intriguing advertising to direct customers to your products instead of your competitors’.

Google Shopping Strategy

Data optimization

We start by checking your data feed for accuracy and up-to-date information. This is where Google gets their data for ad creation. We will continue to provide a high-quality data feed that accurately represents your available items. To optimize searches, we utilize a combination of keywords and negative keywords.

Shopping campaign

We’ll start creating shopping campaigns and product advertising once we’ve structured your product data feed. We build ads that are unique to your products, company goals, and budget. We can make modifications to them at any moment to reflect any changes.

Effective bidding

We devise a bidding strategy that is very specialized. This will ensure that your products are noticed by a targeted audience at an optimal rate.

Results tracking

We’ll monitor the advertisements’ performance once they’re up and running. We’ll look for advertising that are performing well and focus on them, while updating and changing those that aren’t. This will enable us to identify any chances that have been missed.
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Retargeting or Remarketing 

Obviously, the idea is for internet customers to see your product stream and visit your website via their mobile devices or laptops. We will use our tailored retargeting campaign to lure the visitor back to your site and complete a purchase when they visit your site to look at a product or service.

Landing pages and CRO

Creating and developing excellent advertisements is merely the first step in selling your goods or services. When a customer clicks on your ad, you’ll need a nice landing page for them. There are a few factors to keep in mind while creating a landing page:
  • The page should be relevant to your customer’s search.
  • The page should be simple to navigate. People should not have to go out of their way to find what they’re looking for.
  • Because no one like being surprised while shopping, the page must be transparent.
  • The page must load quickly and be responsive.
  • With amazing landing pages to complement your great adverts, your visitors will be enticed to become customers right away.

Eddie Tech Solutions’ design team has worked on bespoke landing pages for a variety of businesses. To identify the most effective landing page for you, we’ll utilize a combination of A/B testing, multiple headlines, and varied text.

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Google Ads on Mobile and Desktop

People are seeking for your products and services on their phones many times every day. We can tailor the adverts and budget for mobile devices. Mobile and desktop ads, as well as their budgets, must be distinct.

Google Ads Agency

Eddie Tech Solutions has created thousands of ad campaigns for clients in the UAE, Africa, and the United States throughout the years. What sets us apart from our competition is our own style and approach to each campaign. We can only be successful if your company succeeds as well.
We can help your company, whether you’re new to digital advertising or not. A lot goes into planning and executing a successful ad campaign. We are one of the finest at this because we have done so many of these campaigns over the years.
Allow us to handle the heavy lifting so you can concentrate on operating your business. Contact us today to discuss your Google Ads requirements and receive a free campaign analysis.
Make a Budget

Begin with a budget for internet advertising and let us optimize your ads to save you money.

Set a Timeline

To maximize your return on investment, we recommend using Google Ads for at least three months.

Grow Your Business

You’re receiving clients without having to advertise on Google right now. Consider the possibilities available on the internet. Other Services

Frequently asked questions

PPC comes with a slew of advantages. It’s a short marketing tactic that can help you become noticed right away. It also generates a wealth of useful data, allowing you to better understand how people respond to your ads and what motivates them to click or convert.

This is largely dependent on the goals and objectives of your campaign. Some keywords are more costly than others, necessitating a bigger budget. Our expert will provide you with a precise estimate so that you can plan ahead and budget for your campaign. To get the best results, we recommend investing in a variety of platforms.

Paid advertising begin generating visitors as soon as they go live, which is why so many business owners like this technique. However, you should expect the campaign to take several weeks to produce any significant effects.

Why not combine the two? Unless your target demographic is really inactive on Facebook, you will only gain from using it. It’s important to advertise where your target audience is, and skipping Google is a bad idea because it controls over 92 percent of the paid search advertising industry.

Without a doubt. Your account manager will provide you monthly or weekly reports. These reports will include thorough information on your current campaigns as well as your marketing expenditures.

To boost overall CTR rates, we will optimize your keywords, landing pages, and website quality. We’ll also concentrate on lowering bounce rates, which is an important metric to consider. All of these changes will aid in the management of your Google Quality Score.

Clients can reach out to us at any time by Skype, email, or phone. Our customer service team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Clients can reach out to us at any time by Skype, email, or phone. Our customer service team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We have a lot of expertise as a well-known PPC firm in the UAE. Fashion design houses, IT organizations, service sector specialists, restaurants, and more have all collaborated with our experts. If we haven’t worked in your industry previously, we may surely conduct research to gain a better understanding of it before developing PPC ads.

Both administration and optimization are included in our PPC management solution. We analyze ongoing campaigns on a regular basis and make recommendations about how to improve them. Our goal is to always have a clean, concise campaign that generates a solid return on investment.

On our client’s request, we will sign a non-disclosure agreement. We value your privacy and will go to great lengths to safeguard it.

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Since 2003 we have been "in the sector." In 2003, we launched Web Eddie Tech Solutions. Eddie Tech Solutions is emerging on the internet to enable mom & pop to come online and compete with major companies. Our objective for the past eight years is digital marketing and SEO specialization.

Depending on the project kind, our methodology is different. We are working directly with our customers to hammer out strategies, collectively to define how successful we are, how successful we are and how success is measured. For every company, industry and project this looks different. The creation of distinct plans and objectives is vital.

We calculate project-by-project expenses - our hourly rate is $30, which is the basis for project estimations. In many projects, additional charges might be expected, such as premium software, domain registration, hosting or other SaaS, in which the project is created and managed. In general, a deposit of 50% for new projects is required.

We first collect customer information and do preliminary research before offering an approach package or plan. Our staff will develop for you a single local SEO plan.

In fact, we are going to! The aim of SEO-friendly local content is to attract people's attention in a set geographical area. We'll concentrate on local blogs, magazines, forums, etc. In order to help you get greater attention, our content team will also publish pieces in local industry directories.

Ranking By SEO is a well-established, more than a decade-long marketing organization. We have offered local SEO services in the United African States to a variety of companies in various branches. Our professionals have also published material on prominent venues in the field.

We conduct promotional programs and occasionally give discounts. You can talk to our professional about the price or wait for us to implement a promotional arrangement to hire our services. Instead of waiting, we propose that you contact us. The solution that matches your budget and produces desirable results will undoubtedly come from our team.

Our local search marketing techniques cover organic search. On request, we may conduct paid marketing initiatives, but they are not part of our services. For this aim, you can recruit our specialist paid marketing services.

SEO is an ongoing process, somewhat slow. In 3-4 months from work on the campaign, clients often begin to see results. After we start working with local SEO, you will see important results and continuous traffic approximately 6-12 months. Don't worry because SEO builds up over time and produces fantastic benefits as the speed increases.

Yes, the non-disclosure agreement is ready to be signed. Ranking SEO cherishes the privacy of customers, and without your specific approval will never disclose your information with someone.

We provide our customers with thorough yet simple weekly or monthly reports. As soon as they're ready, our team will email them to you to maintain track of the campaign.

We provide our customers with weekly and monthly reports. During our inaugural meeting, we plan our reporting and communication plans. In addition to our 24X7 customer support team, we also provide lifelong assistance to help you alter your website according to your strategies and needs.

Our site is designed to protect our customers' personal information with HTTPS and SSL certificates. So you can be confident that you have confidence in us.


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