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We have the staff to help you, whether you’re searching for a local search marketing company that helps local businesses stand out, or a Dubai marketing agency with experience building SEO strategies that boost your rankings.

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Learn how Dubai SEO professionals can employ website design and SEO services to bring your company’s information in front of potential customers. We specialize in long-term link building and content production. Because of this, our team is routinely regarded as one of the finest advertising firms in Dubai.

Team work about Eddie Tech Solutions

Eddie Tech Solutions was created in 2006 with the goal of fostering business ties that allow companies to improve their cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and competitiveness by leveraging information technology. Eddie Tech Solutions provides IT services such as web design, SEO, PPC management, social media marketing, search engine marketing, consulting, and training, making it a one-stop shop for synergistic computer-based solutions and skill building. The company’s theme in service delivery is “efficiency and effectiveness.”

We have a strong understanding of how to manage SEO campaigns, study keywords, and use analytics tools to boost the rankings of websites in Search Engine Result Pages. We also have strong social media campaign management and inbound linking abilities, in addition to the foregoing. The need of staying current with continually changing technical and search engine trends is highlighted by current marketing trends. These are the regions where we have the most exposure and can be certain of achieving all of our objectives.

We have always been able to retain our supplied material adherent to modern SEO requisites because we are masters in monitoring and measuring altering ranking elements and algorithmic changes.”

Why Eddie Tech Solns

The vast opportunities that the Internet provides at your disposal will benefit your organization.

Professional SEO Services in the UAE - Digital Marketing UAE - Pay Per Click Advertising - Online Marketing Dubai UAE - SEO Company Dubai - Digital Marketing Agency Dubai

70+ Professionals on a strong and talented team

To provide best-in-class SEO & PPC Management Services, our team has a unique blend of unrivaled background knowledge from many industry segments.

Professional SEO Services in the UAE - Digital Marketing UAE - Pay Per Click Advertising - Online Marketing Dubai UAE - SEO Company Dubai - Digital Marketing Agency Dubai

With clients in more than 20 countries, we have a global presence.

90% of our clients are located outside of the United States, and we’ve worked with clients in over 20 countries, giving our team a greater understanding of cross-cultural differences.

Professional SEO Services in the UAE - Digital Marketing UAE - Pay Per Click Advertising - Online Marketing Dubai UAE - SEO Company Dubai - Digital Marketing Agency Dubai

With over 7 years of domain experience, we have proven SEO strategies.

We have all of the competence and experience to deliver end-to-end SEO and on-line promotion for our customers, whether it’s technical skills, domain exposure, or expertise in handling international customers.

Professional SEO Services in the UAE - Digital Marketing UAE - Pay Per Click Advertising - Online Marketing Dubai UAE - SEO Company Dubai - Digital Marketing Agency Dubai


Our Competitive Price Quotes are something we are very proud of! Get one right now » We take pride in providing our customers with the highest possible return on investment at the lowest possible cost. Our quotes are exceptionally competitive, and we are proud of it. ourselves concerning that!

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I would like to thank EMS FZE for their professional work. They promised us to advertise and increase on our Beauty Parlour walk-in customers and indeed since then, things turned out to be very magical… Our place is now well known and we always have a number of clients on a daily basis. But my main problem with this company is, It quite costly when we try to call you from Africa. Please put a branch here to ease our lives even more. Thanks very much.

“Actually”, this is an easy choice for the top spot. Actually as a key word implies we never expected this level of creativity.Our fear was where this choice takes us as we tried to emulate other companies without understanding why they succeeded. We can’t blame it on our team though, for wanting to get in on the action.Eddie marketing solutions was a risk worth taking and like all great goals, it has actually worked. You are a reliable roster of contributors who can translate dreams into right assets.

I salute you Edward Director of Eddie Marketing Solutions FZE for your kind heart in helping others. I am a 3rd Year student in. Makerere University. I was stuck with a web development project but when i sought for help from Edward, He helped me out immediately. I would also love to do my internship training in your company. I recommend all students out there to get to you in case they need help in anything. Thanks

Eddie Marketing Solutions FZE the best Google Adwords Specialists. They introduced me to the Google Adwords are must have tool for every single business.

We are growing! Eddie Tech Solutions is in the midst of opening new service facilities to better serve our customers in the United Arab Emirates, the United States, the United Kingdom, Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya.
We are a Dubai-based Internet Marketing Company that seeks for companies who require assistance in expanding their online presence, increasing leads, redesigning or optimizing their websites, and providing the necessary digital marketing knowledge. You’ve found the full-service Dubai marketing agency you’ve been looking for!
Some agencies specialize in specific areas; we are an online marketing firm with specialized teams that has constantly been ranked as one of Dubai’s best marketing firms.

SEO Design Dubai – UAE

Eddie Tech Solutions offers a team of industry specialists who can provide our clients with solid digital marketing and creative experience. We help businesses with digital advertising, content creation, and in-depth online consulting.
We use our basic digital marketing knowledge to a wide range of businesses. Each industry necessitates its own marketing strategy. As a result, we adjust our marketing efforts and plans.

Marketing Strategy

Eddie Tech Solutions is a marketing agency established in the United Arab Emirates that delivers marketing strategies to clients in a variety of industries. Regardless of industry, we design custom marketing strategies for all of our clients to help them with digital advertising, content creation, conversion rate optimization, SEO, and website updates.

Marketing Categories


Find customers and your target demographic in your own neighborhood and adjacent cities.


Website backups should be the first thing you think about when building or updating your existing website.


To be successful, social media need a plan or marketing strategy. Who is your target audience, and how do you communicate with them?


We can help you construct and design your new website in WordPress, Shopify, Magento, or any other interface, from concept to completion.


You can target certain user segments with Facebook advertising. Based on your business objectives, target specific users.


Your website should be updated for security reasons as well as to provide new, fresh content to your clients. Your website should expand in tandem with your company! We are experts in large-scale website migrations.

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What kinds of services are you providing?
Since 2003 we have been "in the sector." In 2003, we launched Web Eddie Tech Solutions. Eddie Tech Solutions is emerging on the internet to enable mom & pop to come online and compete with major companies. Our objective for the past eight years is digital marketing and SEO specialization.
How does it go about?
Depending on the project kind, our methodology is different. We are working directly with our customers to hammer out strategies, collectively to define how successful we are, how successful we are and how success is measured. For every company, industry and project this looks different. The creation of distinct plans and objectives is vital.
What are your rates?
We calculate project-by-project expenses - our hourly rate is $30, which is the basis for project estimations. In many projects, additional charges might be expected, such as premium software, domain registration, hosting or other SaaS, in which the project is created and managed. In general, a deposit of 50% for new projects is required.
How are you going to personalize my SEO package locally?
We first collect customer information and do preliminary research before offering an approach package or plan. Our staff will develop for you a single local SEO plan.
Are you going to post articles on local blogs?
In fact, we are going to! The aim of SEO-friendly local content is to attract people's attention in a set geographical area. We'll concentrate on local blogs, magazines, forums, etc. In order to help you get greater attention, our content team will also publish pieces in local industry directories.
Why should I have confidence in you?
Ranking By SEO is a well-established, more than a decade-long marketing organization. We have offered local SEO services in the United African States to a variety of companies in various branches. Our professionals have also published material on prominent venues in the field.
Do I receive any discount if I choose 3/6/12 months to subscribe?
We conduct promotional programs and occasionally give discounts. You can talk to our professional about the price or wait for us to implement a promotional arrangement to hire our services. Instead of waiting, we propose that you contact us. The solution that matches your budget and produces desirable results will undoubtedly come from our team.
Is there sponsored local promotions in your local SEO packages?
Our local search marketing techniques cover organic search. On request, we may conduct paid marketing initiatives, but they are not part of our services. For this aim, you can recruit our specialist paid marketing services.
How long are you going to take to show results?
SEO is an ongoing process, somewhat slow. In 3-4 months from work on the campaign, clients often begin to see results. After we start working with local SEO, you will see important results and continuous traffic approximately 6-12 months. Don't worry because SEO builds up over time and produces fantastic benefits as the speed increases.
Will you sign a contract for non-disclosure?
Yes, the non-disclosure agreement is ready to be signed. Ranking SEO cherishes the privacy of customers, and without your specific approval will never disclose your information with someone.
What types of reports am I going to get?
We provide our customers with thorough yet simple weekly or monthly reports. As soon as they're ready, our team will email them to you to maintain track of the campaign.
How long are we going to look after your website?
We provide our customers with weekly and monthly reports. During our inaugural meeting, we plan our reporting and communication plans. In addition to our 24X7 customer support team, we also provide lifelong assistance to help you alter your website according to your strategies and needs.
Is our method of payment safe?
Our site is designed to protect our customers' personal information with HTTPS and SSL certificates. So you can be confident that you have confidence in us.


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