How to Advertise on Instagram

Businesses may utilize Instagram Advertising to express their tales and show off their products by using photographs. You can use Instagram for Business to target ads based on visual content. Instagram photo advertising allow you to share your photos with even more people.
There are many options to advertise in creative and engaging ways on a platform dominated by photographs and videos. It doesn’t matter if it’s instructional films or photographs that show off your product. These ads can blend in with the Instagram layout while increasing awareness and clarity about your product or service.
Facebook Ads and Instagram Advertising are fully integrated. With Facebook’s superior campaign customization choices, various formatting, and varied targeting possibilities mixed with Instagram’s high engagement, you have the best of both worlds.

Types of Instagram Ads

You can utilize six distinct types of ads on Instagram Advertising:

  • Photo Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Carousel Ads
  • Collection Ads
  • Story Ads
  • Ads in the Explore Section
Using A/B Testing with Instagram Ads to evaluate what works best for your niche is a terrific idea. We prefer to experiment with different combinations to see which ones provide the best return on investment and reach.
Different users can be reached in different ways using these six types of advertising. We can assist you in determining how your target group uses Instagram so that your efforts are directed in the proper direction.

Is Instagram Advertising A Good Option For Your Business?

In the grand scheme of social media networks, Instagram is a major player. Given that Instagram’s sole purpose is to allow users to share photos and videos, various subcultures and topics of interest have found a means to express themselves and communicate.
Instagram has discovered the key to engagement and connectivity for a site with such a precise social strategy. Instagram users are clearly passionate and loyal to the content they see, as seen by the platform’s 4 billion daily likes. We know that when it comes to advertising, we can reach those audiences.
Instagram ads strategy

Instagram Ads Strategy

When it comes to advertising on Instagram, the first step is to create an advertising strategy. Having a plan of action Eddie Tech Solutions can help you design or adapt a digital advertising plan that will work for you, whether you already have one or are starting from scratch. We can talk about your advertising needs and aspirations, and we can start laying out your goals.

Instagram Advertising Objectives

We need to figure out what you want to get out of these ads before we start an Instagram advertising campaign. Do you want to expand your business? Do you want to reach out to a new demographic? Do you have a product launch or an upcoming event that you’d like to promote? Knowing what you want to achieve in the end is a terrific place to start. Whether you currently have a specific goal in mind or are just getting started with digital advertising in general, we can help you achieve your goals.

Instagram advertising objectives
What is the most effective instagram advertising method for you

What is the most effective Instagram advertising method for you?

With so many possibilities for Instagram advertising, it’s crucial to figure out which strategy is ideal for you. Depending on your goals, you may discover that some tactics are more appropriate than others. We can better focus our efforts if we look at the demographics of the people you want to contact. We can design a variety of ads that target the correct people by considering all of the many ways to advertise on Instagram. There is no single basic strategy that works for everyone, but by combining several advertising strategies and routes, we can find the ideal match.

Cost of Advertising on Instagram

Instagram advertising are controlled through Facebook Ads Manager and use the same payment system as Facebook Ads. The cost of an Instagram advertisement is determined by a number of factors. The place where you want to promote, the length of the campaign, and the demographic reach you desire are just a few of these considerations. We at Eddie Tech Solutions will assist you in locating the answers to these questions so that you do not overpay.

Cost of advertising on instagram
Instagram ppc

Instagram PPC

Instagram ads work on a PPC (Pay Per Click) mechanism, just like any other major digital advertising platform. PPC (Pay Per Click), often known as CPC (Cost Per Click), is a type of digital advertising in which advertisers are charged each time one of their adverts is clicked. This strategy is useful for advertising on high-traffic websites since it assures that your adverts are viewed by the intended audience.

It would be foolish not to put a little more certainty into your adverts, given the various forms of trackable data acquired by large websites like Instagram. These sites establish user profiles and can anticipate which products would appeal to various types of consumers. This way, you can be sure that only people who fit the demographic you’re attempting to reach will see your ads, increasing the chances of new business.

Instagram Ads Examples

As previously said, there are numerous strategies to advertise on Instagram. There are even more ways to advertise within each type of Instagram ad, even with all of these varied avenues. Here are a few instances of what Instagram advertisements can look like and what can be done with the platform.

Instagram Timeline Ads

A timeline ad is one of the most popular ways to advertise on Instagram. This ad appears in the middle of the user’s timeline, amid organic posts from accounts he or she follows. Because Instagram advertisements are placed based on what a user’s profile says, your ad should blend in seamlessly with organic postings on the timeline.
The clear, high-quality image, vibrant colors, and easy-to-identify focus on the goods are what make this ad succeed. It’s obvious that the windbreaker on display is what’s being sold here.
The ad’s explanation makes excellent use of the available space. The material goes on to describe the product in further detail, allowing for a text-based description to better categorize it. This material also contributes to the promotion of Cotopaxi as a hiking-oriented brand.
The description concludes with a request to purchase the windbreaker. The shop now option at the bottom of the image backs this up as well. If you’re an online retailer, you can have a direct connection to your ad in your store.

Instagram Stories Ads

Instagram stories are another way to advertise on the platform. Instagram Stories are a subset of the various posting choices accessible on the platform. Users can upload photographs or short films that will be viewable for 24 hours. A user can easily navigate through all of these stories, switching from account to account that they follow. Advertisers can place adverts that fit into this format in the gaps between these tales.

This Starburst commercial is a brief, straightforward advertisement. It’s eye-catching, vibrant, and clearly displays the product once more. Apart from the motto and call to action, there isn’t much else on the page besides the product. The ad is straightforward, and your gaze moves from top to bottom. The tagline’s bold, huge type draws your attention first, followed by the product and then the call to action to buy. You may also include a link in your story ad that users can click on directly.

Timeline Ads

This is another example of a timeline ad that uses many of the same effective strategies as the Cotopaxi ad. It’s bright, clear, and to-the-point. Your goods may not always be able to be sold through a direct connection. In a situation like this, you might choose an ad that helps to raise brand recognition. Brand awareness is one of the most crucial things you can push for if you’re a smaller company or advertising a new product line.

Another example of what might be done to capture attention is the copy in the description. Using colorful emojis to break up the formality of a no-nonsense content might stand out to users, especially if it fits the demographic you’re after.
Once again, Instagram is a photo-based platform, and as an advertiser or content publisher, a good visually appealing image is really where you can succeed. See the Industries we serve

Alternative Timeline Ads

This is again another timeline advertisement, although this one is a little different. Although all of the above examples illustrate a tendency of eye-catching color, a black and white ad may appear counterproductive, color isn’t the answer. There’s no reason to change your company’s image only to advertise on Instagram if you already have one.
Instagram, the photo-sharing network, is home to a slew of creative types. It’s okay to get creative and strive to stand out among the sea of posts that flood Instagram every day.
Aside from the color change, this commercial looks a much like the other timeline ads we’ve seen so far. The primary difference is that instead of purchasing a product, the call to action is to sign up for a newsletter. These direct links can be used in a variety of ways and should be utilized. It doesn’t matter if you’re promoting a product, an event, a newsletter, or a website. You can pique people’s attention and broaden your audience.

Instagram Ad Sizes

Instagram ad sizes are crucial for getting clear and effective messaging out without any resolution or cropping difficulties. Take a look at our sizing chart for some ideas.


1080 x 566 pixels per inch


.png & .jpeg


1080 x 1350 pixels per inch


.png & .jpeg

Square / Video / Carousel Ads

1080 x 1080 pixels per inch


Image – .png & .jpeg

Video – .MP4 & .MOV

Carousel Video Ads

600 x 600 pixels per inch


.MP4 & .MOV

Set Your Budget

Begin with a budget for internet advertising and let us optimize your ads to save you money.

Grow Your Business

You’re receiving consumers without having to advertise on Instagram right now. Consider the possibilities available on the internet.

Brand Loyalty

On Instagram, 53% of users follow their favorite brand, and Instagram’s brand interaction is higher than Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter when compared to other prominent social networks.

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