National SEO Services Case Study

Industry: Marketing Company

Eddie Tech Solutions was given the duty of assisting a company in regaining their lost SEO ranking. We were able to accomplish this through a variety of strategies, including link outreach and content production.

Challenge :

Another marketing firm had recently redesigned a national publishing company’s website, completely destroying their SEO. To help this firm regain their previous ranking, we had to assist in the rebuilding of lost links and the acquisition of new links.

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Solution :

Content Creation:

Our content writers were able to create new web pages and articles for this client that detailed their business and the services they offer. We were able to assist them reclaim some of the SEO momentum they had previously by incorporating high ranking keywords into these pages, eventually outperforming their former performance.

Link Building:

One of the strategies we used to help increase this client’s searchability was link development. We were able to supply web crawlers with a more robust website to search through by strengthening the client’s web pages through a network of hyperlinks, resulting in the website’s ultimate rise in search ranks.

On Page SEO:

The practice of optimizing your own website for search optimization is known as on-page SEO. We were able to increase their overall website performance by employing the aforementioned strategies, as well as a few more. We were able to improve the performance of this website by cleaning up any obtuse coding and streamlining content.


  • To increase their search ranks, they redesigned their website.
  • To further optimize their site, I wrote content for a dozen new web pages and blog pieces.
  • To continue search result growth, a new digital marketing plan was implemented.
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