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For ecommerce firms and prominent people, YouTube video advertising is more popular than ever. To be successful with YouTube in the realm of influencer marketing, you must develop content and have a content strategy plan. Personal experience with companies and A/B testing should be considered when partnering with a YouTube marketing agency.
Use relevant keywords in your YouTube content and take use of choices that help you develop your channel, such as various video ad formats, the Google Display Network, and using companion banners, to help your YouTube channel operate at its best.

How Do You Advertise on YouTube?

Advertising on YouTube is not as simple as it is on other platforms. The procedure is more difficult and less intuitive than others. Hiring a digital advertising firm like Eddie Tech Solutions to help you develop a YouTube ad campaign that will help you reach your target audience is the best method to promote on YouTube.

Is YouTube Advertising Effective?

You might be wondering how effective YouTube advertising is. According to Google, everyone who views an entire YouTube ad is 23 times more likely to visit or subscribe to a business’s YouTube channel, or watch more videos from that brand. Even those who don’t watch the entire film are ten times more likely to do one of these items. So, yes, YouTube advertising works.

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YouTube Advertising

Eddie Tech Solutions is a YouTube advertising business that offers a full range of services. That means we can assist you with designing, developing, and launching your own YouTube advertising campaign for your business, as well as optimizing it to meet your objectives. Did you know that YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine? We can assist your company in utilizing YouTube advertisements to increase brand awareness, attract more leads, and produce more sales. We can create a successful ad campaign to attract more customers to your company. YouTube advertising are an integral element of any marketing strategy these days.

How to Use Google Ads to Promote a YouTube Channel

AdWords can be used in a variety of ways to market a YouTube channel. Let’s have a look at a few:

  • Make use of both demographic and geographic targeting.
  • With AdWords Placement Targeting, you may promote your films on other channels.
  • Using In-Market audiences, target high-interest shoppers.
  • Create a remarketing list with a high-performing audience and advertise your videos to people who have similar interests.
  • Use AdWords’ Custom Affinity Audiences to market your videos to people who have expressed an interest in similar products.

How Many Ads Can You Put on a YouTube Video?

Every 2.5 minutes, YouTube video creators can add an ad. So you may put up to three commercials in a ten-minute YouTube video. This is a good general guideline for how many advertisements you can place on a YouTube video. Obviously, the longer the film is, the more advertising options you’ll have.

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How to Promote Your YouTube Videos

You may advertise your YouTube video using a variety of methods. To have your video seen by a broader audience, you should use organic YouTube video promotion strategies. The specialists at Eddie Tech Solutions recommend the following strategies:

Link Your Video

Linking to your YouTube video as much as possible is the greatest approach to promote it. You can share a link to your video on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other social media networks. You may also post it on your blog or in other websites and publications.

Others will perform the hard work of advertising your YouTube video for you if you allow it to be embedded. Also, to embed your videos on your website, utilize the embed URL that comes with each movie. You can also give this URL to blogs that have content related to your video and ask them to embed the video on their site with the link.

If your videos are product reviews, this tip is especially useful. If that’s the case, make sure your video has as many relevant video tags as possible, such as the UPC, EAN, ISBN, MPN, model number, and brand of the product. This makes it easier for visitors looking for product reviews to locate your video.

You may build YouTube branded badges for your website using YouTube’s API Services, which display your presence on the site and link straight to your YouTube channel.

Yes! YouTube marketing, like YouTube advertising, is incredibly effective.

How to Make Ads on YouTube

Are you ready to create your own YouTube ads? Viewing the list of the top YouTube commercials, often known as the YouTube ads leaderboard, is one approach to get ideas for your own ads. These are the most popular YouTube ads that people watch each month.
The most crucial aspect of designing YouTube advertising is developing the video or image that will be used in the ad. If you decide to make a video ad, you will almost certainly need the assistance of a professional videographer.
You’ll want to make your YouTube ad distinctive if you want it to be effective. What makes an advertisement memorable, you might wonder? You can opt to incorporate numerous aspects of a memorable YouTube ad into your own advertisement. You can use a catchy song or catchphrase, some humor, or an iconic figure to symbolize your business, for example. The key to YouTube advertising is to keep them brief, catchy, and entertaining so that they capture the attention of viewers and entice them to discover more about your company.
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What Does it Cost to Advertise on YouTube?

Did you realize that YouTube is actually owned by Google? As a result, when you advertise on YouTube, you’re actually advertising on Google’s AdWords network. This is only one of the benefits of advertising on YouTube.
However, this also implies that it’s hard to estimate the cost of your YouTube advertising in advance. This is because the cost of your adverts is determined by your ad placement bid. We can tell you that YouTube advertising rates range from $0.010 to $0.030 per view, depending on our experience. The views you get will be added to your overall YouTube viewer count. The cost of contacting 100,000 people is around $2,000 on average.
When you advertise on YouTube, you want to acquire Google Ads earned views. If a viewer chooses to watch numerous videos on your YouTube channel or watch sites, their earned views increase. (Even if they view the same video twice, it counts.)

Many YouTube ad campaigns prioritize brand exposure over conversion. This is why calculating the return on investment of your YouTube ads might be difficult at times. Earned subscribers are a distinct metric that is calculated based on the number of people who have subscribed to your YouTube channel.

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YouTube Ad Specs

Let’s have a look at the specifications for each type of YouTube ad. All YouTube video advertising must meet the following requirements:

Video Codec: H.264, MPEG-2, MPEG-4

Audio Codec: AAC, MP3

Resolution: 640×360 (19:9 aspect ratio) or 480×360 (4:3 aspect ratio)

Frame Rate: 30 FPS

File Size: Max 1 GB

Overlay ads must meet these specifications: 

Image: 480×60 or 728×90

File Type: Static GIF, PNG, or JPG

File Size: Max 150 KB

What are the Types of YouTube Ads?

YouTube advertising come in a variety of sizes and shapes. This will help you understand how YouTube advertising work.

Above the video suggestions list and to the right of the feature video are display adverts. It may appear below the player on larger players. Only desktop users will see display advertising.

Bumper commercials are six-second non-skippable video ads that must be watched before the main video can be viewed. These commercials are sometimes shown in succession with other bumper advertising. On both desktop and mobile devices, bumper advertising are displayed.

YouTube sponsored cards show content that is maybe linked to the video that the viewer is about to watch. The sponsored card, for example, could be promoting a product that is also shown in the video. For a few seconds, viewers watch a teaser for the card. The spectator can also see the cards by clicking an icon in the top right corner of the video. On both desktop and mobile platforms, sponsored cards are displayed.

If a viewer wants to skip the ad after five seconds, they can do so with skippable video advertising. These can appear before, during, or after the main video. On the desktop, mobile, TV, and video gaming consoles, skippable video commercials are displayed. These advertising may also appear on websites and applications that use Google video partners. When a viewer views 30 seconds of your video (or the full video if it’s less than 30 seconds), you pay for the ad. Alternatively, you might charge them when they interact with your video (whichever comes first.)

Before the viewer can see the feature video, they must first watch the non-skippable video commercials. They may be interested before to, during, or following the feature video. On both desktop and mobile platforms, non-skippable video adverts are displayed. This is the ad type to use if you want people to see the complete video ad without being able to skip it. These commercials are 15 seconds or less. You pay for the advertisement based on the number of impressions it receives.

You can promote video content with YouTube discovery advertisements in locations of discovery, such as next to relevant YouTube videos, in a YouTube search result, or on the YouTube mobile homepage. A thumbnail image from your video gets combined with some text in YouTube discovery adverts. Only when a viewer chooses to watch your ad by clicking on the thumbnail will you be charged.

If you want to advertise on YouTube but don’t have the funding for video commercials, YouTube also has non-video ads available. Display advertisements and in-video overlay ads are the two alternatives available.

The right-hand sidebar has display advertising, which feature a picture, some text, and a call-to-action that includes a link to your website. It’s critical to craft an effective call to action.

Non-video adverts on YouTube can also be found in the form of in-video overlay ads. These appear to be hovering on top of monetized YouTube channels’ video material.


At the moment, YouTube is the most intriguing advertising platform on the planet. The reason why so many advertisers are abandoning television in favor of YouTube is that the return on investment is significantly higher. Advertisers can target specific sorts of people with pinpoint accuracy, and only pay if the viewer sees the entire pre-roll ad.

You will not be charged if a viewer misses your YouTube advertisement before it concludes. They skipped just because they could. If you make the first five seconds count, that doesn’t mean you’ve missed out. YouTube advertisements can help you establish your brand swiftly and effectively.

If you are interested in exploring the advertising potential of YouTube, Then Get in Touch with us today.

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Who Needs YouTube for Business?

Are you aware that YouTube is now the second most popular search engine on the planet? Users are increasingly turning to YouTube videos to ask inquiries and receive solutions. They watch videos to learn more about companies and services, as well as to find tutorials and solutions to their problems.
Every day, over 4 billion videos are seen throughout the network, and getting your films and your brand in front of potential customers is a terrific approach to improve your SEO strategy.

Google is rapidly ranking YouTube videos among the top search results for more and more keywords, so use it to drive visitors to your site. We’ll create a comprehensive YouTube marketing strategy that you can tweak and adjust to meet your company’s audience, sales, marketing, and service objectives.

YouTube Marketing Strategies

Eddie Tech Solutions will create a thorough YouTube marketing strategy that is targeted to your company’s objectives. Our social media marketing experts can help you improve your search ranking, drive more traffic to your site, grow a group of followers and fans, or boost your overall brand recognition and recall, whether you’re a new user or a seasoned pro who needs some management help, or would like to use the YouTube paid advertising platform to spread awareness of your business.

To learn more about using YouTube marketing as part of your social media marketing strategy, contact Eddie Tech Solutions social media experts today! See The industries we serve

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