If your website has been penalized by Google, don’t wait to contact Eddie Tech Solutions’ Google penalty service after you’ve finished reading this page! It’s critical to address a Google penalty as soon as possible in order to restore your rankings. Google penalty recovery and removal services are proudly offered by Eddie Tech Solutions. These services are a subset of SEO (search engine optimization) services that assist businesses in avoiding Google penalties. These problems are usually linked to the Panda and Penguin algorithm changes. Google penalties may be devastating to websites, especially those focused on lead generation or e-commerce. They may have a detrimental impact on traffic and conversions.

What is a Google Penalty?

A Google penalty indicates that your website is no longer featured in search results, or that your ranking for your targeted keywords has decreased significantly and/or abruptly. Google penalties are intended to penalize websites that have violated the terms of service. Google’s penalty filters can be tripped by links to low-quality sites, hidden text, and keyword-stuffed content, for example. A Google penalty can have a significant impact on a website’s search engine ranking. Unfortunately, any website can be penalized by Google.
If the concept of a Google penalty still perplexes you, imagine it as a penalty in your favorite sport.
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What causes a Google Penalty?

Certain activities can result in a Google penalty for your website. If you’re having trouble figuring out why Google is penalizing your website, Eddie Tech Solutions will assist you figure it out and then fix it.

Unnatural links to a website are the most typical penalty we find impacting websites. Backlinks are one of the most important ranking elements in Google’s algorithm. Many people construct links to websites in the hopes of improving their own SEO, however this can harm other websites. This is a difficult problem to resolve, therefore you’ll need the help of a Google penalty recovery expert.

If Google discovers that you were selling links, you may be astonished to learn that your website has been penalized. When SEOs try to overtly alter Google’s algorithm, they are frowned upon.

Stuffing keywords is an out-of-date SEO practice that might even be damaging. Make sure your website doesn’t include any terms that are repeated.

When websites hide keywords in the background, Google frowns. If you employ this strategy, Google will almost certainly punish your site in the search results.

Despite the fact that Google keeps its algorithm a closely guarded secret, it is no secret that the search engine favors high-quality information over low-quality content. You should replace your present website content if it is not relevant to searchers, is auto-generated, or spammy. Fortunately, Eddie Tech Solutions specializes in content development and can assist you in resolving the problem.

If you utilize structured markup effectively for your site, it can be incredibly beneficial; but, if you use it in a spammy manner, you risk receiving a penalty. You avoid a structured markup penalty, make sure to follow Google’s rich snippets rules.

How Do You Know if You Need Google Penalty Recovery Services?

If you receive a warning from Google Webmaster Tools, you will know for sure that your website has been penalized. However, there are a few additional ways to find out if you’ve received a penalty. Though there are a number of reasons why your website’s traffic or rankings may suddenly plummet, one of the first things you should look for when diagnosing the problem is a Google penalty.

The following are some more symptoms of a penalty:
  • An unexpected decline in organic traffic across the board or by section.
  • A significant loss in rank for a single term or a collection of keywords.
  • There’s no other way to explain these decreases.

The most crucial thing to do if you believe your website has been punished by Google is to take action as soon as possible. The bad influence on your website’s traffic and rankings, unfortunately, will not go away on its own. In reality, it is very likely to deteriorate with time. The good news is that the harm may usually be repaired if you perform the proper recovery measures and tell Google.

Eddie Tech Solution’s Google penalty recovery services are designed to help with this. We provide Google penalty analysis services to uncover on-page and off-page causes that may have resulted in sitewide or page-specific penalties on your website. Then, to help your site get back on track and perhaps reclaim both traffic and rankings, we provide Google penalty recovery services.

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What are the Different Kinds of Google Penalties?

Google’s algorithms and filters are continually being tweaked to help consumers locate more relevant material. It doesn’t want users to have to seek for long periods of time to find the information they need. As a result, Google may impose fines on sites that aren’t user-friendly. For example, a website could have spammy links that lead users to bad websites. For this reason, Google may levy a penalty. There are two types of automatic penalties, as well as one type of manual penalty:

What are the different kinds of google penalities


Penguin isn’t technically a punishment. It’s basically a filter that lowers the value of spammy links that lead back to your site. Eddie Tech Solutions can assist you if Penguin is affecting your rankings.


Panda is an algorithm-based filter that examines on-site characteristics such as low-quality material or huge amounts of duplicate content on a website. When calculating your website’s ranking, it normally assesses its quality.

Manual Penalties

A human (rather than an algorithm) on Google’s web spam team evaluates a manual penalty. Google may impose a manual penalty if it detects evidence of participation in a link scheme or other deceptive link behaviors, such as artificial inbound and outbound links.
Eddie Tech Solutions can assist you in determining whatever form of penalty (or penalties) your website has received, as well as assisting you in recovering your website in accordance with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.
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Google Panda Penalty Recovery Service

Adding high-quality content or updating current content on your website is one phase in Eddie Tech Solution’s Google Panda penalty recovery service. The Panda recovery solution also includes updating your website’s user experience, or UX. Because Google wants to deliver webpages to consumers who have the best possible user experience, the Panda update penalizes websites that provide a very bad user experience.

Eddie Tech Solutions will resolve any issues that negatively impact UX, such as poor website load times, the absence of terms of service or a privacy policy statement, high bounce rates, short page view times, mobile-unfriendly pages, and obsolete design and coding.
Overall, our Google Panda Penalty Recovery Service detects and evaluates any low-quality material on your website, as well as the user experience. Then we devise a recovery strategy, implement it, and track your site’s traffic to ensure it improves.

Penalties from Google Penguin are related to link concerns. Penguin penalties often account for the majority of e-commerce and lead generation website penalties. The link profile of a website, which is comprised of all links going to your domain, is a significant ranking component in Google’s algorithm. The Penguin algorithm upgrade was designed to detect low-quality, artificial links. Some of these links were unintentionally established by black-hat SEOs who were trying to game the system.

The Google Penguin penalty removal services provided by Eddie Tech Solution begin with the collection and analysis of backlinks in order to separate the bad from the good. It’s not as simple as you may think to tell the difference between low-quality and high-quality connections. You could wind up going too far and eliminating valuable links, further harming your website’s ranking. That is why you should put your trust in the SEO specialists at ETS.

If you’ve been hit by a Google penalty, you’ll need the support of professionals to get back on track. ETS has the essential experience and competence to handle any website’s Google penalty recovery. We’ve done similar work for other clients and have a track record of success. Our web developers are dedicated to repairing websites that have been penalized by Google.

Though some Google penalty recovery efforts take time to complete, it’s critical to act soon once you’ve received a Google penalty. If you believe your website is under a Google penalty, call ETS right away to get started! We’ll assist you in restoring your search engine rankings.

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