Remarketing Services
The way it works is someone visits your site and looks at a particular product of yours and then moves away from your site without buying the product; you then show them ads of that product on other sites they are visiting to help remind them of a great deal you are offering and to encourage them to come back and make the purchase.

As part of our PPC Management Services, Remarketing can bring the following benefits:

A highly focused remarketing strategy to increase sales and potential customer leads
Ads that reach your audience at a time when they are interested and possibly ready to buy
Recapture visitors and bring them back to your website
Customized ads featuring items your potential customer has already shown an interest in
Better ROI for your business’ marketing budget
Our Remarketing Products and Services
Whether search or display remarketing, RS will help your business improve its PPC advertising through the following remarketing services:

How Remarketing  Works

Multi-channel Remarketing: Follow your customers across multiple platforms once they leave your site by putting your remarketing ads on platforms including Google, Ad-Roll, Perfect Audience and other third-party networks.
Dynamic Remarketing: Get customized ads that centered on following recent visitors to your site based on their past shopping patterns, items they have looked at, items in their shopping cart, and their recent online search habits.
Advanced Audience Segmentation: Categorize your visitors and audience for easy remarketing campaigns by day, visits, engagement, and more so you can make sure the right prospects are being given the right message at the right time.
Real-Time Bidding: Reach your targeted potential customers across the web, no matter where they may be, by using real-time bidding platforms to help get your ads in the places your audience is and at the times they need to see your remarketing ads.
Continual Monitoring: Get help with all of the data collecting, tracking, testing, and optimizing that needs to come with your remarketing campaign so that it progressively improves and you see more customers return to complete their purchases.