We understand that each partner is different and so each partnership we create is also unique. Although we are open to many different types of partnerships, most partnerships tend to fall in into the following categories:

Referral partners

Refer your clients/customers to eddietechsolns.com as a trusted partner and get compensated

White-label partners

Offer all of Eddie Tech’s services under your own brand name and we do the fulfillment.

Promotion partners

 This type of partnership may involve cross-promotions, co-sponsoring events, paid promotions, etc.

Eddie Tech Solutions gives you options, bringing you the flexibility to offer premier search engine optimization and online marketing services to your clients in the mix and style that will benefit you and your clients most. We can support your sales process as much or as little as required, and we offer generous incentives for referrals to show our appreciation of our partners.

As each partnership is unique, the compensation methods may vary as well. We will work together to decide what makes the most sense. Compensation may include:

  • Referral fees
  • Sponsorship fees
  • Trade work
  • Cross-promotion


  • Retain your clients/customers by adding value to your relationship with them by helping them with their digital marketing needs.
  • More revenue through referral fees, sponsorship fees, or cross-promotion.
  • More credibility through co-branding or co-sponsoring with another reputable brand (eddietechsolns.com)
  • Grow your business by expanding your service offerings with Eddie Tech’s Services

Companies Currently Eligible to Partner with us:

Advertising Agencies

Social Media Consultants

Online Marketing Consultants

PPC Management Companies

Marketing Firms

Hosting Companies

Oil & Gas Companies

Business Consultants

Dental Consultants

HR & Recruitment Companies

Web Development Companies

PR Firms

Trading Companies

Marketing Software Companies

Small Business Bankers

Accounting Firms

IT Professionals

Banking & Finance

Engineering Companies

Logistics Companies

Medical & Health Companies

Quality Control Companies

Teaching & Education Institution

Telecommunications Companies