What is Link Building?

Link Building is an internet marketing process of obtaining links on other websites that direct to your own website. Obtaining links from websites relevant to the products and services can significantly increase the value of your website to search engines. Links that are strategically placed on other websites can lead to new traffic and a greater search engine ranking position (SERP) in the major search engines.

This process assists in the search engine optimization process as search engines look at how websites are linking to each other to determine website relevance to specific terms. The goal of Link Building is to obtain and maintain a number of high-value links coming into your website with the goal of obtaining a better position in the major search engines.

How can it benefit my website?

By engaging in Link Building practices, your website can obtain a better SERP in the major search engines. This allows your website to receive more relevant traffic. A higher ranking in search engines also means more potential customers being driven to your website.

The better the incoming links, the more opportunities there are to gain extensive visibility by your customers and by other businesses. Incoming links also directly improve your search engine optimization performance, which can serve as a component of search engine optimization.

Contributing to your link building will directly impact the number of potential customers you will receive from your online marketing initiatives.

What can Eddie Tech Solutions do for me?

Our Link Building services are provided by a network of internet marketing professionals trained in locating, obtaining, and maintaining high value links directing to key pages in your website’s navigation. Not only can we identify which websites would be of high value to your search engine optimization campaign, we can also figure out the page to target for incoming links and highly relevant directories for your goods and services.

Manual Link Building

Our link building professional generate relevant incoming links to your website. Manual link building is more effective than using a free tool or paid software that promises a large number of incoming links. You receive more links that are relevant to your business and less from websites that have nothing to do with what you do. They can also be directly targeted based on your search engine optimization campaign.

Quality Links from Legitimate Websites

We generate quality links that are relevant to the products and services that you offer. Having links that are not relevant to what you do or that are not from legitimate websites can actually decrease your ranking in search engines. Major search engines give higher value to websites that showcase greater value than websites that exist for spam or sales purposes only. Our professionals obtain incoming links, verify the integrity of each website, maintain quality links and remove links to potentially harmful websites.

Bi-Weekly Reporting

Our bi-weekly reports allow you to stay on top of the progress being made in your link building initiatives. We generate these reports to display the progress and status of the project. Many organizations do not provide actual reports of the work being done which raises the question over whether or not work is actually being accomplished. With bi-weekly reports, you can find out exactly what is being done to improve the search engine optimization efforts of your website.