Surgeon Marketing SEO Case Study

Industry: Medical

Our team completed a website migration from one platform to another, as well as content generation, sponsored search, and on-page SEO maintenance. In addition, the company need assistance with reviews.

Challenge :

A group of medical surgeons required continual content production for a website that received no traffic save for the front page and a few pages containing basic information. The medical organization was also having problems with local search optimization, as they weren’t showing up in searches for businesses similar to theirs in the area where they were located.

Surgeon marketi3ng2
Surgeon marketing

Solution :

Content Creation:

When someone is considering surgery, they are likely to have a number of questions. With the internet’s power, it’s simple to do your own research and find solutions to your issues and concerns. With this audience already searching, it’s critical that you have information related to your company available for them to find. Creating content that addresses frequently asked questions can improve online traffic and enhance the likelihood that your company will appear in search results. This is what we were able to provide this client in order to assist them in expanding their reach.

Website Redesign:

This client required a number of changes to their website. We were able to convert their website from one CMS to another, offering them a better way to update their website without having to start from scratch in the future. We also assisted them in optimizing their website in order to improve its SEO performance.


There are numerous factors that go into optimizing SEO. While working on their website revamp, we were able to assist this client in improving their on-page SEO. This involved optimizing meta tags, analyzing and implementing top keywords, and cleaning up any leftover HTML coding from past website redesigns. This process didn’t end with their website; we were able to assist them better it by combining various strategies outside of it, such as increasing their Google My Business listing and obtaining more positive reviews for their company..

Link Building:

While working with this customer, we also used link building as an SEO strategy. We were able to insert connections guiding visitors to other pages on their website across their website. This contributes to a more engaging website for both users and search engine algorithms. When a search engine algorithm notices hyperlink correlations between pages, it can promote the other page in the process, especially if one of the pages is receiving a lot of traffic from search results.


  • A website migration was completed, allowing the client’s website to be housed on a more suitable CMS platform.
  • To better advertise the client’s business in search results, I created dozens of new web pages and blog articles.
  • Utilized on-page and off-page SEO methods to improve the client’s website’s appeal to search engine algorithms.
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Surgeon marketing seo case study | boosting visibility & patient acquisition

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