Real Estate Paid Search Marketing Case Study

Industry: Real Estate

A client in the real estate industry wanted to improve their prior search effort. They saw the value of putting a heavy emphasis on sponsored search, but they wanted greater results. This client benefited from Eddie Tech Solutions’ assistance in modernizing their existing sponsored search campaigns. This resulted in a 97 percent increase in conversions and a 130 percent decrease in cost per acquisition.

Challenge :

A regional real estate firm in Dubai wanted to improve its paid search performance. They were conducting paid search in-house and gaining experience.

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Real estate


Google Ads

Google Ads is one of the biggest platforms for advertising online. We were able to help this client drive new interest to their website through a Google Ads campaign. This was an essential element to the overall paid search strategy we wished to accomplish.

On Page SEO

When it comes to improving SEO, on page SEO is one of the most direct and effective ways to enhance rankings. On page SEO refers to the efforts made on your own website in order to optimize your website for search result rankings. We improve this client’s website through improving meta tags, keyword research and implementation, as well as streamlining any excessive HTML source code.

Google Tag Manager:

Many of our clients come to us already having set up a Google Analytics account, but few have used Google Tag Manager. By observing how visitors use your website, Google Tag Manager helps you to take your website analytics reporting to the next level. We assisted this client in keeping track of prospective interest and how often it turned into a real lead.

Local Search:

In a field like real estate, it’s critical to reach out to potential clients in your area. When it comes to selling a home, location is just as crucial as finding interest in one. We recognized that boosting our client’s search results and business would require a focus on local search. We were able to rank higher in searches for certain areas and towns that the client generally operates in by focusing our efforts on increasing interest in the client’s regional market.


  • To help market the client’s location and provide more information to potential customers, I created a Google My Business account.
  • A fresh digital ad campaign was launched, which raised web traffic and local interest while also bringing additional notice to their location.
  • The client’s website was optimized to garner more local attention, resulting in it appearing in various local searches.
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