Political Campaign Marketing Case Study

Industry: Political Campaign

Eddie Tech Solutions assisted a political candidate in updating his website in order to improve the user experience. In addition, we developed Google and Facebook ad campaigns. These advertisements were created to raise brand awareness and drive traffic to the newly renovated website. Furthermore, a retargeting campaign was deployed to contact those who had visited the website.

Challenge :

Advertising and a website update were required for a political contender. He was running for a local position and wanted a strategy to get the word out about himself and his ideas. He also needed to be able to track visits to his website and communicate with them.

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Solution :

Website Redesign:

The former website did not provide a positive visitor experience and was not optimized for email acquisition. Users could enter their emails directly into a CRM using the new updated site. The new design was more user-friendly and navigable. The new user experience was an important aspect of the makeover, which resulted in a clean and speedy website.

Facebook Advertising:

Facebook may be a powerful tool for online marketing. It’s simple to narrow down your demography to a certain group, and the amount of money you invest affects the campaign’s reach. To reach out to more specialized, or particular, populations, we employed Facebook advertising.

Content Creation:

Content creation is an excellent approach to give website visitors with all of the information they require while also improving search engine results. To promote the candidate, Eddie Tech Solutions used unique content development.

Google Analytics:

There is no better system than Google Analytics for learning more about the kind of users who visit your website. Google Analytics was set up to track website visitors and learn more about their demographics.


  • Throughout the election season, we ran a digital advertising campaign on Facebook and Google, attracting new viewers from both platforms.
  • Through online advertising, voters become more familiar with the candidate’s name.
  • A follow-up effort was launched to reengage consumers who had previously visited the client’s website.
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