Nonprofit Website Development Case Study

Industry: Nonprofit Organizationr

Eddie Tech Solutions designed a website that is both interactive and responsive. The site was created with the idea of sharing content in mind. Visitors to the site were able to instantly download any papers they required. People can learn more about their organization and how to get involved by visiting their website. There are program forms to download in PDF format, as well as contact information for kids who want to join their programs and other sponsors who want to donate to their cause. Donations can be made online through their website, which is linked to a PayPal account.

Challenge :

A nonprofit organization wanted a new website that could highlight all of their offerings and effectively represent their work. They also required a better means to communicate with the public and share information.

1nonprofit webdev5
Nonprofit webdev

Solution :

WordPress Website Redesign:

From the ground up, the complete WordPress website was redone. This allowed us to keep current excellent content while also emphasizing the organization’s benefits and the work they did for the community. We were also able to alter the site’s tagging structure, which had been designed incorrectly. The website’s speed improved considerably as a result of the modifications.

Content Management:

A charitable organization, for example, has a lot of information to share. There’s a lot of stuff that may be presented to audiences, whether it’s statistics, testimonials, or details of how your business is run. Users can easily post this information to their website by using a content management system.

Google Analytics:

We assisted this client in incorporating Google Analytics statistics into their website evaluation. We were able to demonstrate to them where their online interest sprang from, as well as the value they derived from their website. The client’s business was able to better inform its digital marketing efforts in the future as a result of this.

Facebook Advertising:

On Facebook, this client had a clear means of communication and audience interest. We were able to assist promote this client to others on Facebook by advertising on the network, extending their reach beyond just their followers. Facebook advertisements are tailored to your budget, so you won’t feel like you’re overpaying for what you’re getting.


  • Their social media content development strategy worked, resulting in a threefold increase in their online viewership.
  • The nonprofit was given a mobile-friendly and adaptable website to make it easier for contributors to contribute.
  • The ability to sign up volunteers and take donations has been established.
  • Instructed workers on how to make any necessary changes to the website.
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1nonprofit webdev

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