Musician Web Development Case Study

Industry: Musicians

Multiple bands, orchestras, DJs, artists, and other musicians were featured on a responsive website we made. Their bios needed to be highlighted, and they needed to be able to listen to their songs via an internet audio player. We set up a SoundCloud account, a Facebook page, a LinkedIn profile, and other social media accounts for them.

Challenge :

A band required a new website that would allow them to connect with their fans more effectively. They wanted their fans to be able to listen to their new songs on the internet. They also wanted to be able to sell their products on the internet.

Band website design case study | eddie tech solutions
Musician2 band

Solution :

Website Updates:

Eddie Tech Solutions was able to assist this client by creating a new custom website for them. We were able to give them with a one-of-a-kind website that met their needs for an online store with music streaming capabilities by constructing their website.

Google Analytics:

We were able to create a Google Analytics report to provide the group with a better understanding of their internet demography. By showing them where the interest was coming from and how they were using the new website, they were able to determine which areas needed to be addressed.

Content Creation:

Our writers created a number of web pages for this client that detailed their organization. Bios, details of previous performances, and lists for their stuff are all available. This influx of information allowed them to better enlighten their website visitors while also optimizing it to appear higher in search results.

Local Search:

For a group like this one, the majority of their performance possibilities were in their immediate area. We aided them by focusing our search efforts on people in their immediate vicinity. We were able to optimize results in areas that were beneficial to the group’s future initiatives by narrowing search results to just this demographic.


  • Created a new website that was more targeted to the group’s needs.
  • On their new website, we gave the group an effective platform to display their songs and previous performances.
  • Increased social media activities for the client, including Facebook, SoundCloud, and LinkedIn, to strengthen their online visibility.
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Musician3 band

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