Law Firm Local Optimization Case Study

Industry: Law Firm

Eddie Tech Solutions assisted a Dubai lawyer in improving his local online presence. They wanted to improve their local search rankings, particularly for searches linked to their specific practice type.

Challenge :

With so many law firms to choose from around the country, it can be challenging to stand out. This lawyer had no online presence and needed to establish himself, particularly in local searches.

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Solution :

Joomla Website Design:

This client need a new website in order to effectively represent their company on the internet. We built a website with Joomla because it was simple for the client to make minor changes in the future. We created a website for the customer that was both visually appealing and well-optimized for search engine results.

Conversion Rate Optimization:

The process of converting website visitors into engaged consumers is known as conversion rate optimization (CRO). We were able to present this client with a better layout that increased customer engagement and led to more new business inquiries.

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is a fantastic tool for learning more about the behaviors and demographics of your website’s visitors. We were able to assist this client in setting up Google Analytics reporting that showed which of their website’s pages were the most popular and who was reading them. These reports were able to assist the client in making better digital marketing decisions in the future.


Pay Per Click (PPC) is one of the most widely used methods of online advertising. Advertisers only pay for ads that are actually clicked on, which distinguishes PPC from other forms of advertising. This manner, you can be confident that your advertising dollars are reaching to those who are interested in your company.


  • For the customer, I created a new website that better matched their professional attitude.
  • By properly optimizing their website for highly searched local terms, they were able to improve their local search result ranking.
  • Google Analytics was used to set up reporting for the client’s website and online efforts.
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