Band Website Design Case Study

Industry: Music

Pragmo Sounds is a band with a worldwide fanbase, primarily in Uganda and United Arab Emirates. With their new band photographs, the band needed an updated website that was responsive and visually appealing. Their fans may now buy their CDs and listen to each of their albums directly from their website. We increased their social media following by developing a Facebook profile for them as well as a SoundCloud page for all of their music. We were able to update the band’s social media sites with all of their new music when they published a new album.

Challenge :

”An international band need a new website that would enable fans to purchase music directly from the site. The site needs to be pleasing to the eye as well as responsive. The band also needed help promoting their songs and merchandise on social media.

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Solution :

Website Design:

We created a unique WordPress website for the band that was simple to navigate. They were able to make changes and add new information to the site with ease. With very little web design knowledge, they were able to add new content and music to their website while they toured across Europe.

Google Analytics:

Giving listeners a spot to listen to the band’s music was part of our approach for boosting the band’s social media experience. We included two music players, each with their own library, as well as the opportunity to listen to each song directly on the website. We gave their fans an easy way to watch and share their music by embedding music videos from their YouTube account on their website.

Facebook Advertising:

We were able to better advertise the band and their internet presence by using Facebook Advertising. We created a number of campaigns to promote their website and Facebook page. We were even able to execute advertisements for audiences in those cities to promote their future international shows.



  • For the music industry, a custom WordPress website was designed that is optimized for both desktop and mobile.
  • Content that can be shared via social media integrations
    Fans can listen to their music online using the built-in audio player..
  • To be able to buy CDs and other items directly from the website, you’ll need an ecommerce solution.
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