ATM Company Advertising Case Study

Industry:Automated Teller Machines

Eddie Tech Solutions assisted a Midwest ATM installer in optimizing ad campaigns across several platforms and resolving numerous technical SEO difficulties with their website. Our ATM advertising solutions assisted the customer in generating more leads and closing more transactions.

Challenge :

A national ATM installer and distributor wanted to make their website more user-friendly for businesses wishing to buy or lease ATMs. In the past, they were unable to achieve any quantifiable achievement in attaining keyword rankings due to fierce competition. In the past, the client had used paid search with terrible results.

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Advertising Agency SEO Case Study

Solution :

Digital Marketing Consulting 

Professional content writing is required by some businesses to boost the value of their material, while others require oversight. We were able to establish a system that made it easy for the marketing team to find possibilities to write about and pages to optimize on an ongoing basis for this ATM installer because they had a wonderful internal staff that was knowledgable about the industry. Due to a conflict between businesses trying to buy ATMs and clients looking for banks and ATM locations, ATM company advertising might be more difficult than in other industries.

WordPress Website Updates :

We used suitable tagging structure to update an existing website template created by another designer. Many of the pages on the site were created with design in mind rather than SEO in mind. The finished WordPress website improvements further improved the site’s mobile capabilities..

Google Analytics 

Many of the Google analytics goals and conversions that were initially set up for this ATM installer failed to show which actions contributed to conversions. We were able to use Google Analytics to construct custom goals and Google Tag Manager to track extra occurrences. The client can now simply see where the conversions are coming from.

Google Ads :

Because of the way it was constructed, the Google Ads account was poorly structured and lacked the ability to turn off different geographic areas. Our team redesigned the ATM buyer-focused campaigns over time, as well as removing a handful of keywords that were wasting budget and not converting. Google Ads campaigns are now built to target keywords and phrases that lead to sales using a combination of Exact Match, Phrase Match, and BMM. To avoid consumer searches for ATMs colliding, a wider than usual negative keyword list was required.

Bing Ads:

Many PPC firms will just copy and paste their Google Ads campaign onto Bing and call it a day. Our team looked at the results as they came in each campaign and was able to evaluate the data to discover that some metros had unexpectedly good results from Bing Ads. Bing should always be viewed as a PPC alternative to Google when running side by side.

SEO : 

We had to fully rebuild the header tag positioning on each of the several website designs for this ATM website. Since tweaking all of the header tags and meta descriptions, we’ve witnessed a continuous increase in ranks and website traffic. We were also able to look at rival terms and uncover possibilities for the ATM company to generate more material to improve search rankings using our search engine optimization tactics.


  • Optimized templates that weren’t developed with SEO in mind to pages and templates that increased organic traffic by 512 percent.
  • I took an underperforming PPC campaign and worked with the customer to enhance and optimize all campaigns, reducing waste.
  • Optimized ad campaigns and website to target keywords that lead to sales rather than terms that lead to inactive traffic.
  • Internal personnel continues to be counseled and trained on how to write articles with unique content and how to target the right keywords.
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