Advertising Agency SEO Case Study

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Eddie Tech Solutions assisted an advertising firm in totally redesigning their website and launching a new PPC campaign. A website was redesigned to increase conversions and lead generation. Eddie Tech Solutions also devised a cost-effective PPC campaign that targeted high-value industry keywords, resulting in a considerable increase in website traffic.

Challenge :

An Advertising Agency wanted assistance with modernizing their outdated website. In order to increase leads, they needed more contact forms on their website. In addition, they required advertising and new content for their website.

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Advertising Agency SEO Case Study

Solution :

Website Updates : 

This client wanted a website overhaul that more accurately reflected their business’s professionalism. By providing them with a fresh design that was both current and unique, they could feel confident in using it to represent their company.

Conversion Rate Optimization:

The technique of enabling website visitors a more simplified navigation around your website, motivating them to take action and become a potential customer, is known as conversion rate optimization (CRO). We were able to increase the number of website visitors that expressed interest by contacting the customer via the website by optimizing this process.

Google Ads: 

Google Ads is one of the most popular methods of online advertising. You can target which demographics you want to connect with to reach new audiences. We created a fresh Google Ads campaign for this client that highlighted their business and drove potential customers to their website.

Content Creation:

Our content writers were able to create new web pages and articles for this client that detailed their business and the services they offer. We were able to help these pages improve their search rankings by incorporating top-ranking keywords throughout the pages.


  • Redesigned and relaunched the client’s website in order to increase conversions and generate new leads.
  • Through Google Ads, I developed and implemented a new PPC digital advertising strategy.
  • For the client’s website, I created new and more detailed contact pages so that potential consumers could contact them more quickly.
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